Sunday, 15 March 2015

Year of Projects 4: 15th March update

Not much of an update from me at the moment as we are in full on house moving mode and everything has been packed away! We are moving on Thursday this week, so every spare second I have is being used to pack and tidy and throw things away.

I have kept one of my projects unpacked, however, as on Wednesday evening we will be taking the cat over to the new house, and will have an evening without TV, Internet or packing to keep us entertained. I figured Pogona was portable enough that I could keep it out and entertain myself with it once the cat is settled in for the night.

One thing I have noticed while sorting the house for the move is that my craft supplies have expanded somewhat since we moved in two years ago. They're taking up a lot more boxes than last time! Luckily, in the new house I get to have a whole room all to myself, for keeping all of my craft supplies in one place. It will have a sofa, and has a working fireplace, so will be nice and cosy. Will share pics once I am moved in and unpacked!

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