Cook from a Cookbook

In September 2011, Nat over at Misadventures in Craft came up with this culinary challenge. The basic idea is to get out your cookery books that have been gathering dust on the shelf and actually start using them!

Here's the index of all my Cook from a Cookbook Challenge posts:

22nd September 2011: Introduction
26th September 2011: Sicilian Pork Burgers
10th October 2011: Paprika Chicken
18th October 2011: Baked Fish Parcels
22nd October 2011: Pizza Burgers
20th October 2011: Steak Pie and Cornbread
14th November 2011: Welsh Cakes
26th November 2011: Lemon Drizzle Cake
5th December 2011: Cinnamon Whirls
7th December 2011: Scotch Eggs
9th January 2012: Bread
4th February 2012: Double Chocolate Brownies

The challenge appears to have taken a bit of a hiatus through most of 2012, down to moving house and a very busy summer schedule. But I'm starting back up with this again!

4th October 2012: Using up Fruit Part 1 - Pear and Ginger cake and Spiced Apple Cupcakes

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