Year of Projects 1 - 2011-12

As my original list of knitting/crocheting goals for 2011 was woefully inadequate, and lasted less than six months, I am throwing myself headlong into a new project which should keep me occupied well into next year.

A Year of Projects is the brainchild of Keri over at When Did I Become A Knitter. Basically we're all working our way through a list of patterns, either all from one book or a list we've compiled ourselves. Click on the picture above to be taken to our group on Ravelry, where you can find a full list of blogs taking part along with links to each week's posts.

Without much further ado then, I present to you my list for the Blog-a-long. [Please note all links to patterns are to the Ravelry pattern pages]

Knitting Projects
I've opted to include a number of knitting projects, in an attempt to learn some new skills, challenge myself and hopefully to pave the way towards knitting my own garments. I shall attempt these projects in the order listed below, as this represents a neat progression of skill levels required. By the time I've completed all these projects, I will be a fully fledged Knitter.

1. Easy Lace Stole by Arlene's World of Lace - this introduces some new stitches and will be my first go at using circular needles. It will also be the first pattern I use that comes with a chart. Removed from list 29/01/2012.

2. Thinking of You Scarf by Jackie Erickson-Schweizer - a slightly more intricate lace pattern, again with a chart as well as written instructions. Finished 09/10/11

3. Victorian Scarf by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence - a really pretty one skein lacy scarf which may be wearable as LRP kit! Finished 17/08/11

4. Hypernova - The Scarf by Arlene's World of Lace - well I love scarves, and this one is stunning. I'm hoping this will be my most impressive project to date, and I am treating myself to some of the fabled Wollmeise to make it. Finished 17/05/2012

5. Sojourn Falls Scarf by Jamie Roe - yes, yes I know, another scarf. I like scarves, ok? This scarf however will introduce cables. And beading. I am very much looking forward to it! Removed from list 19/02/2012

6. 198yds of Heaven by Christy Verity - for my first foray into triangular shawl construction, I've opted for a classic Ravelry favourite. A major plus being the heavier weight of yarn required - no worries over teeny laceweight yarn and teeny needles when I'm confused over the lace charts! Finished 15/02/2012

7. Ribbed Lace Bolero by Kelly Maher - my first knitted clothing. Removed from list 19/02/2012.

21. Eleonora by Dawn Matkovic - replacing the Sapphire Shrug. Added to list 04/09/2011.

22. Leafy Fingerless Gloves by Laura Peveler. I want to make these for my LRP character. Added to list 25/09/2011. Finished 25/02/2012.

23. Free Rapunzel! by tiny owl knits. I love this hat, and I happen to have some chunky Cashmerino that would be perfect for it. Added to list 25/09/2011. Finished 03/12/11

24. Alasse Miriel Hooded Cowl by The Jane Victoria. Another one for LRP costume! Added to list 25/09/2011. Finished 18/03/2012

Crochet Projects
Rounding off my project list to an even 20 projects, I have selected 13 crochet projects of very different styles. Hopefully I will learn new things, but mostly I want to make stuff I will enjoy crafting, and love using.

8. Sweet Pea Shawl by Amie Hirtes - I plan to have this finished by the start of August, to wear to a wedding. Finished 14/07/2011

9. Crochet Lacy Wrap by Moda Dea - something warm for the winter. Finished 17/07/2011

10. Jane Austen Shawl by Wendy Lewis - I have been eyeing this one up for months! Need it done by the end of September, to wear to another wedding. Finished 30/09/2011.

11. Geometry Dress by Lily M. Chin - I thought this would be a great project for pushing myself to make actual fitted garments. Removed from list 25/09/2011

12. Diamonds Shawl by Kristin Omdahl - I fell in love with this pattern when I saw this project on Ravelry and knew I had to make it for myself, complete with beads. I think I ought to splash out on some luxury hand dyed yarn for this one, so it may be the last thing I make. Removed from list 01/01/2012

13. Cherry Wrap by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby - I saw this in the magazine and wanted to make it straight away. I think it will be great for wearing in the office to combat the over-enthusiastic air conditioning.

14. Fern Cowl by Claire Montgomerie - I've gone a bit bonkers for cowls and ponchos lately, and this pattern really pops. Finished 29/02/2012.

15. Sunflower Jumper by Robyn Chachula - I'm not 100% convinced by the collar on this jumper, but I love the motifs. Maybe I will modify it a bit. This one will also be a challenge from a construction point of view. Removed from list 25/09/2011.

16. Sapphire Shrug by Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby - hopefully one to get done before the Christmas party season. Removed from list 04/09/2011. 

17. Phoebe Jane Vest by Jenny King - Jamie's not 100% sure about this pattern, but I really like it. Another one for layering in the office. Yarn choice will be critical for the success of this project. Removed from list 01/01/2012

18. Hexagon Baby Jacket by Elisa Purnell - I still have babies to crochet for! This one will be for my new nephew/niece when he/she arrives in the autumn. I will also be branching out and using Lion Brand yarn for the first time, having found a supplier in the UK. Removed from list 25/09/2011.

19. Persimmon Pullover by Doris Chan - I love Doris Chan patterns and when I saw this one I immediately saw myself wearing it. I know the pattern will be well written and easy to work with. Removed from list 19/02/2012

20. The Pineapple Monokini by Tracy Knowles - something of a jokey pattern here, put in to add a bit of a smile to everyone's faces! Hopefully by next summer I will be in good enough physical shape to actually want to wear it out in public. Removed from list 01/01/2012

25. Pond Friends Stacking Toy by Lion Brand Yarn. Have decided to make this for my impending nephew/niece instead. I'll keep the Hexagon Baby Jacket in my queue for future gifts! Added to list 25/09/2011. Removed from list 10/06/2012

As I progress through the challenge, I will update this page with links to the Ravelry project pages for each pattern. You can also search the pattern tags on Ravelry projects for YOP11/12 to see other projects from the group.

I will tag all related posts with the same tag, clicking on the Year of Projects logo to the right of my main screen will bring up all the Blog-a-long posts.
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