Year of Projects 2 - 2012-13

I've had so much fun working on the first Year of Projects that I can't wait to get stuck into Year Two! It was really interesting to see everyone's different take on what the Year meant for them and I got some great ideas for how to manage my list this time around.

I've built up a small yarn stash in the last year or so, between taking part in swaps and receiving amazing Christmas and Birthday presents from my friends. Most of the new yarn has been left unused until now, as I've been focusing on my first Year's list! So I decided this year would be a stash-busting list, designed to finally give me a chance to knit or crochet up some of my lovely new yarns.

Here's what I'm currently thinking of working on (all links are to Ravelry)

Stash Yarn already matched to a Pattern

Stylecraft Luxury Wool Rich DK in Teal

Finished 10.10.12

Candy Skein Yummy Worsted in Blueberry Cheesecake
Hat finished 15.10.12
Gloves finished 17.11.12

Lazy Katy
Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball in Deine Blaue
Finished 21.02.13

Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin in Sonne
Finished 01.01.13

Cabled iPad Sleeve
Cabled Kindle Sleeve
Rowan Calmer in Black

Peerie Flooers
Rowan Fine Tweed in Leyburn, Hubberholme, Bainbridge, Arncliffe,
Richmond, Nappa and Skipton

Cwtch Shawl
Natural Dye Studio Scheherezade in Wisteria

James C Brett Marble Chunky in Brown/Orange
King Cole Big Value Chunky in Green

Finished 07.07.12

Stash Yarn which still needs a pattern chosen

Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace in Purple
laceweight, 1 skein, 1094 yards

Knit Picks Capretta in Fairy Tale
DK, 3 skeins, 690 yards
Ishbel beret
Finished 07.01.13

Candy Skein Yummy Fingering in Arctic Mint
4ply, 1 skein, 464 yards

Artesano 100% alpaca
DK, 4 skeins, 436 yards
Baker Street

Skein Queen Squash in Baubles
4ply, 1 skein, 437 yards
Crest of a Wave Baktus
Finished 26.01.13

King Cole Bamboo Cotton in Black and Purple
DK, 1 skein Purple, 252 yards, part skein black, 73 yards

Knit Picks Palette in Ivy
4ply, 1.1 skeins, 254 yards

Knit Picks Palette in Serrano
4ply, 2 skeins, 462 yards
Mini Christmas Stocking

Another Mini Christmas Stocking

Tiny Christmas Jumper

King Cole Zig Zag in Purple
4ply, 1.4 skeins, 695 yards
Socks 101, finished 16/09/2012

Finished 12.02.13

Patterns chosen which need yarn purchasing

$5 in Paris
Sweater requires worsted weight yarn in two colours
Yarn chosen = Cascade 220

Additions to the list during the year

James C Brett Monsoon in shade 7 purchased 04/08/12

Finished 12.08.12

Leftovers from my Sofa Bed Afghan.
Stylecraft Special Aran with Wool:
Charcoal (354 yards - top)
Walnut (700 yards - left)
Peat (707 yards - middle)
Blackberry (488 yards - right)
Hot Water Platypus
Sheep Toy
Cushion cover

Finished 28.10.12
Finished 09.11.12

Finished 18.11.12
Finished 04.05.13

Don't forget to head on over to the Ravelry group to join in the challenge this year:


  1. Love it, can't wait to see all that yummy yarn transforming into stunning FO

  2. You have had some wonderful swap partners! I especially love the Candy Skein Yummy Fingering in Arctic Mint. I think this is a great approach to the list.

    1. The Arctic Mint was one of the limited colourways; I treated myself to it when I was ordering yarn for swaps and giveaways. It may yet become a pair of socks..

  3. I love the patterns you've chosen for the yarn in your stash and the yarn yet for patterns some of it is just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your year ahead.

  4. That's a fab collection of yarn, and I really like the patterns you've matched them up with. Look like you're going to have a great set of FOs by the end of the year :)

  5. Beautiful yarn - great list. Look forward to your updates. xoxox

  6. I love the way you have planned your list around your yarn and your stash is wonderful.

  7. Oh such pretty yarn! Very much looking forward to it all being knit up into more beautiful things! Good luck on your list!

  8. Like the idea of picking the yarn that you want to use. I would be way to intimidated by that approach. I'm looking forward to seeing your projects.

  9. What a pretty array of yarn and all matched beautifully to patterns, it will be lovely to see the work you do this year.

  10. I'm jealous you have Artic Mint! I really wanted it but couldn't afford it. I look forward to seeing what it turns in to!

  11. Wow - you have some gorgeous things planned!!!! Can't wait to see them all :)

  12. Looks like you've got lots to start on and some really scrumptious yarn!

  13. love this! cannot wait to see what patterns you find for those lonely skeins! cheers to a new year!

  14. Your stash is gorgeous, I'm really looking forward to seeing it turn into FOs! :)

  15. Some gorgeous yarn and love how you've already matched some up with patterns. Love the Kindle cover and added that to my library to find later. I don't have a kindle...but...maybe later. Best of luck to you as we all embark on this mission of year 2.

  16. as always you have a great eye for color. I tend to obsess over a particular color family each season, so i really appreciate your ability to be eclectic.

  17. Off to check that Kindle cover--just wanted to say that your yarns and patterns are lovely and fit the way I think of you from reading your blog for a year! :) You are all set for a wonderful yarn year!
    *smiles and cheery thoughts*

  18. You have some great yarns and pattern choices there. Your list makes my list look sooo short ... eek! Happy knitting :D

  19. Oh my... ALl the pretty yarn makes it really hard to manage my resolve on NOT adding more to my stash right now!


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