Object Photo Challenge

The object of this challenge is to take a photo of each item on the list. In total, there are 34 images to capture. The photos cannot be ones used for any other challenge this year.

The List [number of pictures required]
sunrise and sunset on the same day [2]
the moon [1]
Autumn moon
Full moon in autumn

5 different buildings [5]
cemetery [1]
church [1]
Elvetham Church
Elvetham Church, Hampshire
doorway [1]

Secret garden door
Church wall door
window [1]
Queen Elizabeth
Stained Glass

road [1]
vehicle [1]
candles [1]
flowers [1]

waterfall [1]
Waterfall above tiger enclosure
Waterfall at Whipsnade

bridge [1]
Bridge at Elvetham Hall
barn [1]
rocks [1]
leaves [1]
Two tone leaf
Two tone leaf in grass

a city at night and during the day [2]
London Eye at night
The London Eye and County Hall
London Eye night and day

railway tracks [1]
Tunnel vision
Basingstoke station
wheel [1]
Mill Wheels
Mill Wheels

balloon [1]
a lone tree [1]
many trees [1]
ice [1]
snow [1]
fire [1]
a river/stream [1]
River Pang
River Pang

a pond [1]
clouds [1]
Clouds 20
Summer clouds
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