About Me

I don't like to define myself.

I'm a nerd, also a geek.

But also really girly.

I love shoes, and doing my hair, and wearing makeup and posh frocks.

I read books, play games - board, computer, card, whatever.

I watch lots of TV and movies.

I'm a big roleplay nerd. I love tabletop roleplay games and live action roleplay.

I also like the outdoors - walking, cycling, hiking, climbing.
I even used to ride horses and would love to again.

I studied science, but am now an accountant. But I love geography, geology and history too.

I love to travel, yet rarely have the time or money to do so. I haven't been abroad since 2013.

I am Welsh. I am also a Yorkshire lass. I am British. I see no reason why I can't be all three at once.

I am passionate about music. I sing and play piano. I used to play violin, and would love to learn cello.

I'm quite creative in my own way. Drawing, painting, photography, knitting and mostly crochet.

I am a keen rugby fan. I support the Scarlets and Wales.

I live with my partner, Jamie, and our cats, Gypsy and Styx.

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