Sunday, 6 October 2013

Year of Projects 3: 6th October update

Progress of two different kinds has been made this week. Firstly, actual, tangible progress on my two WIPs that are closest to completion:

$5 in San Fransisco is so very close to being finished! I have one sleeve left to knit, ends to weave in and I need to figure out how I am going to mark which side is the front, as the front and back are shaped slightly differently for a better fit and I don't want to end up putting it on back to front when I wear it. I am still massively pleased with how this is turning out. The colours aren't quite right in the pic above, the bright blue is more green than it looks in that shot.

Obnoxious socks are going well. I took one off the needles the other day to see how it looked and fitted, and I'm halfway up my calf now. Fit is good, so I am enthusiastic about getting these done. I am close to running out of my first two balls of yarn, so there will be a tricky bit of work to split the third ball in two and match up the colour changes for a smooth transition between the two balls, and to keep the stripes matching.

The other progress I have made is more organisational. As a distraction from my revision last week, I sorted out my stash. It was already pretty sorted, in that everything was stored neatly on shelves, roughly split by weight, but I had no record of what was stored where. Plus, the scraps of left over yarn from previous projects was spread out all over the place. Now, everything is neatly stored, part-balls have been rewound to take up less space, and every single yarn in my stash has a note on Ravelry to say where I've put it. I've also started matching up yarns to patterns in my queue, which means choosing and starting new projects is going to be much easier from now on.

I'm off to Hobbycraft this morning to pick up more yarn for the baby blanket; I'm going to take my leftovers from the yellow and peach I've already used, to make sure I find a mint green that matches. Given how many rows I got out of one ball of the peach, I'm going to need at least 200g I think, but then it will be done and I can start thinking about a present for the other person in my team who is having a baby!


  1. Minding My Own Stitches6 October 2013 at 19:07

    Looks gorgeous! Maybe you want to sew a little label into the inside back that says handmade or something like that?

    Congrats as well on organizing your stash. My plan is to just knit it all so I don't need to sort it :)

    You can find me at:

  2. The sweater and socks are absolutely gorgeous. And as for the organising, it sounds right up my street - now you are ready to go:-)

  3. What a jump in progress on $5 in San Franciso! Love it! The sock is so fun.

  4. $5 in San Francisco is gorgeous! You knit so perfectly...I wish mine looked like that. I did some organization this week too separating yarn types into containers and separating projects into tote bags. The sock is too cute!

  5. Organizing can make one feel so good! And your sweater! I can't believe how fast that is knitting up for you. It won't be long before you will be wearing it...but promise you weave in ends right away so as not to prolong the joy of actually finishing!

  6. $5 in San Francisco looks great and what about one of those little labels sewn on the back or on the bottom of one side on the back. It really is a great looking sweater and the socks look great. Well done on the organisation, wish I had some of your skills.

  7. That sweater is just gorgeous! (I'm sure I say that every week..? But it is!)

    Organising yarn actually sounds fun :) I need to do it too, I have some scraps here and there. Adding it to Ravelry really helps imo, you can browse at a glance and get inspired :)

  8. Wow you're so busy! Almost completing projects, starting new projects and even organizing your stash! Sensational! I love $5 in San Fransisco! Love the colors & I love the name! ;-)


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