Sunday, 11 January 2015

Year of Projects 4: 11 January update

It's been a while since I updated on my progress of my fourth Year of Projects (in fact, I haven't updated at all since I posted my list and first post back in July... ooops!). While I've been pretty busy over the summer/autumn, and haven't had much time to blog, I have been working on things and making some progress towards my goals.

Firstly, the outstanding WIPs that needed finishing. I still haven't got around to blocking Peerie Flooers, which is quite frankly becoming embarrassing. It has now been two years since this hat came off my needles. Two years! I simply must get round to it soon - I don't want to be carrying this forward to the fifth Year of Projects in July.

Chunari is currently hibernating. With no firm due date in mind, and no real idea as to when I will ever wear it once it is finished, there really is no incentive to get it finished. Which is something of a shame, as I am sure it will be stunning once completed.

However, I do have one completed WIP from last year's list! My Knotty Gloves were started in February 2014, and I knit all but the thumb of the first glove before losing interest and moving on to something else. At Christmas, I was inspired to pick them back up again (the influence of one of my knitterly friends, who was staying with us over the holiday) and in less than two days I finished off the first glove, and successfully completed the second!

The yarn is Knit Picks Palette in Serrano, and I used less than one ball. If I'd been paying more attention, I would have reversed the cables on the second glove so they were a matching pair. As it was, I had to rip them back and start over due to not paying enough attention, so I think if I'd been trying to reverse the chart as well I would have made a lot more mistakes!

There were a lot of socks and shawls on my list this year, probably more than I will now have time to finish, since we are less than six months away from the end of this challenge and we are only a few months away from a new LARP season! So far, though, I have managed to complete one shawl, and a hat (which replaces one of the shawls on the list), and have started on the first pair of socks!

Andalusia is another fabulous shawl from the wonderful Mimi Codd. After knitting Mrs Tumnus in 2013 I knew I would enjoy knitting another of Mimi's horseshoe shaped shawls. I used Zauberball for this one, in a rather vibrant pink colourway. Frustratingly, I ran out of yarn about four rows from the end, and had to order another ball. So instead of using up a ball from my stash, this shawl has actually had zero impact on the amount of yarn left on the shelves!

I had originally put the Spring Leaves scarf on my list with plans to use my Madeleinetosh Tosh Merino Light. However, the colouring in this yarn really doesn't match up well with lace patterns, and is much better suited to plain stocking stitch. So out went the scarf idea, and in came the Sockhead Hat. I've seen several of my knitting friends make this hat before, so I knew it would be a winner. The colours look amazing and it's incredibly warm for such a light yarn. I haven't blocked it, as I don't think it needs it. It is the perfect pattern for mindless knitting. No need to count rows or stitches till you get to the decreases; just row after row of effortless stocking stitch in the round. Perfect for knitting during a James Bond film marathon!

Starting on the endless list of socks (I think there are at least five pairs on the list!), I have opted for simple vanilla socks in this striking England colourway from Regia. I have plain white which I am using for the toes and heels, so the stripes stay consistent, as this is something I didn't do with my knee high socks and I don't like the way self-striping yarn goes a bit funny over the short row heel. So far, I am making good progress, as I only cast on yesterday and am already almost at the heel. The first time I made Wendy's Generic Toe Up Socks it took me ten days, so I'm hoping to knock these out in the next couple of weeks.

I'm fairly sure that unless something drastic changes, I will focus on the things on my list where a yarn and pattern have already been assigned. So socks, and probably one other shawl. I'm leaning towards Pogona at the moment, as a nice excuse to knit with Wollmeise again.

With respect to the nerdy section of my list, I have made relatively good progress there too. Of the four Doctor Who themed cross stitch charts I designed, two are now completed and just waiting for frames.

I've also finished the third of the Game of Thrones charts and am now deciding which one to tackle next. Something with a less complicated chart, I think, as this lion was tricky.

Finally, I got around to designing the chart for my Star Trek cushions, and started knitting the first one the other day. There is endless black stocking stitch to go before I get to the interesting bit though, so no progress pics of this one until it gets to the good stuff!

I was worried that I would come to review my progress so far and find I had done nothing at all, but considering everything else I've been up to, I don't think my progress is too disappointing. I just need to keep up the momentum now I've regained some of my urge to knit, and hopefully will have more to update with in the coming weeks.
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