Year of Projects 4 - 2014-15

It's hard to believe we've made it to Year Four! Alright, I pretty much dropped the ball on my list last year, as other things got in the way of completing the projects I'd assigned to it. I aim to do much better this time around.

Building on the successes and failures of past lists, I've gone for a mixed approach this year. There are existing WIPs that I am determined to finish, items from my Ravelry queue, stash which I want to knit that hasn't been matched to a specific project yet, and a few new projects inspired by my favourite nerdy TV shows.

Existing WIPS

Ok, so this was on my list last year. And the year before. I finished knitting this hat in December 2012, and I still haven't blocked it or weaved in the ends. I simply must get around to finishing this off.

This was meant to be finished by the start of August, so that I could wear it to my brother's wedding. Now I've chosen a dress which doesn't match, colourwise, so I have no deadline any more! Maybe the Christmas party?

I started these back in February, and am now about halfway through as I've just about finished one glove. I love them, and can't wait to finish them. I just need to get some enthusiasm for them back. Plus, I need the needles for all the socks I plan to knit this year (see below).

Finished 31.12.14

Ravelry Queue matched to Stash Yarn

Ok, this is the section for all the patterns I've had in my queue for ages where I have the yarn for it in my stash, and every intention of making them this year. (Pattern photos are copyright of the respective designers).

Bandwagon Socks by Phreddie Davis

I will knit these with my Candy Skein Yummy Fingering in Arctic Mint

Finished 15.02.15

Love Bug Socks by Thayer Preece Parker

For these, I plan to use my Stash Addict Dark Arts in Poison

For this I will use my gorgeous Skein Merino Silk Sport in Graphite

Spring Leaves by Katrin Vorbeck

This will be made from the skein of Madeleintosh Tosh Merino Light I bought in San Fransisco

I changed my mind, and decided to use the yarn in a plainer pattern.
SockHead Hat by Kelly McClure was the pattern of choice.
Sockhead Hat, Finished 10.01.15

Katy Jubilee by Birgit Freyer

I loved knitting Lazy Katy, so another crazy Zauberball shawl from the same designer is a no brainer.

Pogona by Stephen West

Pulling out the big guns for this one, and using one of my precious skeins of Wollmeise 80/20 Twin

Andalusia by Mimi Hill

I love Mimi's patterns, and this one has a similar shape to Mrs Tumnus, knit from the outside in. It's going to look amazing in this Zauberball I have lying around

Finished 28.10.14

Floppy Moggy by Sue Stratford

Found in a book my husband gave me for Christmas, he wanted me to knit this one in particular as it reminds him so much of our amazing cat, Mr Fidget. I have some horrendous fun fur to do this with and I am dreading every stitch!

Stash which I want to use

These are the yarns I have in my stash that are crying out to be knit, but I haven't quite pinned down the patterns yet.

Loud, stripey socks. That's my goal here. Vanilla socks all round, with matchy-matchy stripes and colour-coordinated contrast toes and heels. I have a small ball of yellow and a small ball of white to do the heels and toes with.

St Georges Day socks. Finished 08.02.15

The Cascade Pima Paints I bought in San Fransisco has only been half used, and I have some black King Cole Bamboo Cotton which should work nicely with it, enough to stretch out the remainder of this to a pair of gloves to match the hat I have already knit.

Two beautiful skeins of Easyknits Deeply Wicked. I'm thinking shawls for these, but am undecided on patterns! I've got loads of new ones in my library from all the magazines I've been buying. I will wait for inspiration to strike.

Equally, my other lovely skein of Wollmeises 80/20 needs a project. I was initially thinking socks, but we'll see how I feel when I eventually come to winding it up and knitting it.

Four delightfully squishy balls of Rowan Baby Alpaca DK, in varying shades of pink and purple. I plan to knit a shawl with these, but have yet to find one I like. I am interested in having a go at designing a lace shawl this year, so I may come up with my own design for these yarns, incorporating all three colours.

Nerdtastic Projects

My initial draft of this list incorporated a lot more nerdy projects. However, to make room for the above I have cut this down to the four I am keenest to complete.

Doctor Who

I am determined to finish stitching these four cross-stitch charts and get them framed for my house. I'm not sure where they are going to hang yet, as I am rapidly running out of wall space, but I will find a home for them somewhere.


No nerdy knit collection is complete without Jayne's hat from Firefly. I have found the perfect pattern here, and will be doing my best to match the colours as exactly as I can.

Finished 22.02.15

Game of Thrones

I am three charts into my epic test knit of the Game of Thrones charts I have designed, and I am determined to finish them all this year. I just need to be in the right mindset for intarsia, that's all!

Star Trek

I love Star Trek. Every incarnation of it. I want to represent that love in my house somehow. I'm thinking sofa cushions, inspired by the uniforms in the above. A set of four, maybe. One red, one blue and one gold, and a fourth emblazoned with the Star Fleet insignia.

So there you go. My list for Year Four. Lets see how far I get through it this time!

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  1. Aren't weaving ends in painful? I have quite a bit on a mutli-coloured square I have been avoiding so I feel your pain! Good luck this year!


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