Sunday, 5 April 2015

Year of Projects 4: 5th April update

The house move is almost over! Having a large crossover in occupancy between our two houses has been quite useful, but I think a month was too long, as we still haven't handed the keys back on the old place. Almost feels like we can't get started on living here properly until we've given the old house back! We've got the cleaners in today (on Easter Sunday! We were amazed) and one more trip to the tip to get rid of the last few bits and pieces. But then we are done.

Some of you may have seen this before, if you follow me on Instagram (@supertinks). But I wanted to share it again because quite frankly, I think it's gorgeous. Check out my front door!

It's just as lovely from the inside as well, when the light hits it in the mornings.

It makes me smile every time I come home, which has to be a good thing. Even if I've had a terrible day at work, or if I've been soaked by rain walking home from the station, I get to my front door and it cheers me up.

My new craft/sitting room is coming on nicely. It is finally clear of all the random stuff that doesn't belong in it, so I can share some pictures at last.

I have deliberately left the wall above the sofa bare of pictures for now, as I intend to finish my Doctor Who cross stitch patterns and get them framed, and then they will hang along that wall in lovely matching frames.

It is so nice to finally have all of my crafting things in the same place. I've sort of arranged everything on the shelves for now, but need to go through each shelf one by one and work out a proper way to store everything on it, so that I can see what is there and access it easily.

We are planning a trip to Ikea next week, so will hopefully be able to pick up a variety of useful boxes and baskets then. I may also look at getting a sewing table to put in the bay window, but that is not a priority necessarily as the dining table is in the room next door.

I doubt I'll get much done to progress my list over the next few weeks, as I will be focusing on making things to improve the storage and aesthetic of my room. I am also already casting my mind forward and thinking about a different way to approach the fifth year of projects, which is now only three months away!


  1. Just three months away - time goes so fast. The front door is fabulous and I long for a dedicated crafting space. Ah, one day... Love yours.

  2. Beautiful front door, and I love the craft room

  3. Gorgeous space, lucky you!


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