Friday, 31 December 2010

FO Friday

So if Wednesdays are for WIPs, Fridays are for FOs! (that's finished objects, for anyone out there not 'up' on the lingo). As time goes on, we'll get a nice trickle of projects developing through WIP Wednesday posts, to eventually appear in a FO Friday post (hopefully to much fanfare and delight).

Unfortunately, I'm rather new to all this blogging about stuff, so for today, I shall just show off some of my favourite FOs so far. (for those on Ravelry, you can of course look at all my projects there)

This was my first ever attempt at crochet. I'd dabbled with knitting, mostly scarves, but never seriously. Then the future MiL sent me a crochet pattern for a bag she thought I would like. She'd tried to buy me one already made, but it was sold before she could return to the shop. So sending me the pattern was the only other option, really. I dutifully thought I might as well have a go, since she's gone to all this trouble.

Well we can all see where that led! I am, pardon the pun, totally hooked.

That was back in May; I finally got around to showing her the finished bag last week, when we saw them on the day after Boxing Day. She was very impressed. Very neat, she said. And I think she is right.

And this is my first attempt at amigurumi. Deciphering the pattern was tricky, as English was not the first language of the lady who wrote it. But I got there in the end. I also learned valuable lessons about avoiding the necessity for sewing bits together - I could easily have crocheted those legs direct onto the body and saved myself a lot of hassle sewing them on afterwards. A lesson I followed with my second amigurumi project, the blue lobster.

Well those are the FOs I'm sharing. Hopefully next week I'll have a current one to show you (maybe that tiger will get a face!), but for now, head over to Tami's Amis to see the other FOs posted up today!


  1. I love that bag! What a nice pattern, and it really is wonderfully neat (especially for your first attempt at crochet, wow!). Your crab is adorable, too---I've come across that pattern in the wide world of the internet myself, but never attempted it.

  2. You seem to be finding many uses for that orange yarn!

  3. The bag is lovely and an impressive first crochet project. The lobster is so cute. I try to avoid sewing seams as much as possible, too.

  4. Holy smokes, I LOOOVVVEEE that bag! It's amazing. I also love the handles you chose for it.

    I hate sewing the amigurumi parts together as well. It's such a drag. I've learned to sew the pieces on as I go so that I don't have to do each part all at the end.


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