Saturday, 30 March 2013

Of packing and weddings

I realised today that I hadn't posted in a while. I've mostly been busy with wedding and house moving preparations, so have not had much time to do anything creative to post about!

Bridesmaid shoes for the girls
Wedding make up
The start of the packing

Most of the RSVPs have come back for the wedding now, so we are almost ready to make our table plan and finalise details with the caterer. Bridesmaid outfits are almost complete, all I need to get them now are cardigans which is proving harder than you'd think, as very few shops sell the same clothes in age 6 and age 13! Luckily I managed to find shoes in John Lewis that came in both a child 12 and an adult 4, otherwise they'd have been in different shoes too.

I had a free makeover at the bareMinerals counter in John Lewis too, and treated myself to the full set of makeup. Now all I have to do is practice and learn how to put it on myself. I was never much of a girly girl when I was younger, so was too busy climbing mountains and riding my bike through the woods to bother with things like learning how to wear makeup and style my hair. I've just bought myself a new curling wand too, so will spend some time between now and the wedding practicing with that too, to save on the cost of a hairdresser.

The house move is rushing up closer than the wedding, though, as we are moving out on the 10th April! We've hired a removal company this time, as we couldn't ask our friends to help move us again, not after last time. Last weekend we made a small start on the packing, and we are taking advantage of the long Easter weekend to get the bulk of it done. All of the books, DVDs, CDs and computer games are now packed away, and the mountain of boxes in the living room is growing.

I've also packed away all of my yarn and craft things.

It worries me slightly that last year when we moved, everything fit into one box (the same size as the one above), but today when I packed it all up, I filled two of them! There's more yarn, to be sure, but also more books, magazines and general hobby accessories. I've packed everything apart from my current three WIPs, although I'm not sure how much time I will have between now and the move to work on them all. I'd rather have the option though, than be sat here with some free time wanting to knit and not being able to.

My obnoxious socks, which I am knitting two at a time
on two sets of DPNs

I also kept back some books from the boxes, as I started re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire last week. As I finish each book, I put them back on the pile for packing. If that wasn't enough, we've also held back one DVD from the boxes too:

There's a theme here, do you see it?

As season three of Game of Thrones starts on Monday, we decided to get the first two seasons and watch them through so we can remind ourselves where we got to. I will admit, it is a little confusing, watching the TV series and reading the books at the same time (well, not exactly at the same time, that would be too weird). I'm already far ahead of the TV series in the books again, but it's been interesting to see just what HBO have changed and tweaked and left out.

I suspect my blogging will remain infrequent until the move has occurred and internet has been restored, which may not be for a couple of weeks after we move as we are upgrading to fibre broadband and have to wait until the 20th for the engineer to come and install it. When I do come back though, I will be back with a vengeance as the lovely Eskimimi has announced the dates of this year's annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, which is perfectly timed for the week I should be back online and back to normal!


  1. I think if we ever move again, we will be getting a removal firm. I think our last move nearly broke our friends! I don't think I'll be doing KCBW this year. I'm barely able to blog at all at the moment so it will be too much pressure I think. I shall read everyone else's posts with interest though.

  2. It's the curse of doing hobbies that require you to own lots of stuff! Fibre arts, LARP, Games Workshop all need lots of things, not to mention the mountain of books we own! Even with an army of twelve, it still took us about 8 or 9 trips in the van to move it all. Never again!

  3. I hadn't even started knitting last time we moved, it was just the books that killed us.

  4. You are so great at multi-tasking. The shoes are terrific and I love make up. I've tried Bare Minerals before but after while my skin didn't get along well with it. I can't wait to see you in your full, wedding glory.

  5. Good idea to keep a few bits out of the packing, I did the same!

    With the make up, a photographer friend told me that you should make it much heavier than you would for every day, otherwise the photos will look a little washed out. Thought I'd mention it, because if you're not much of a makeup wearer then you might be inclined to put less on!


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