Monday, 22 July 2013

FO and New Pattern Release!

In my haste to get sidetracked by even more new projects, I spent my Saturday crocheting not one, but two new bits of kit for my current LRP character.

First up, a new snood. I've been wearing the old blue one at every event since I first made it two years ago. While perfectly serviceable for normal daily wear, it doesn't really pass muster any more for a special occassion. As we are holding a coronation at the next event, and I've been talked into wearing a "proper" dress (this one, if you're interested), I decided I needed a new snood in the right colour. I picked up a ball of bright red Patons 100% Cotton 4 ply and got to it.

As it turns out, I modified the original pattern quite seriously when I made the first one, but didn't make any useful notes. I had to get the old one out and keep comparing the two to make sure I was doing it the same. I think I've achieved that! I also made notes this time, so when I come to make a third one (I'm thinking yellow/gold next time) I won't have to figure it out again.

To go with the new snood and the fabulous dress, I decided I needed matching gloves. I had intended to go back to the Afternoon Tea Fingerless Mitts and do another pair of those, but I don't seem to have a copy of the pattern (and I certainly don't remember having to pay for it before!).  A new plan was needed. I had a look on Ravelry but couldn't find anything quite like I wanted. Luckily, inspiration struck and half an hour later I had a brand new pattern flying off the hook.

Aren't they fab? The construction is quite interesting, working into both edges of a foundation single crochet chain before adding the button band and button holes seamlessly. Then it's join in the round and within a few short rows the entire glove is done. The best bit is that they are ridiculously easy to modify for size!

To help explain the construction of the cuff, I even drew up a chart. The pattern is available for free in my Ravelry store here and I can't wait to see if anyone else decides to knock up a pair.


  1. You're so cute :)

  2. Love the snood and those gloves are just gorgeous, will we get to see a pic of you in the dress and accessories ?

  3. Those gloves are amazing - I wish I was better at crochet!

  4. Seriously, you should give them a go, they're deceptively easy and quick!

  5. I believe there will be an official court photographer at the coronation, so there should be at least one decent shot of me in all my finery!


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