Sunday, 13 October 2013

Year of Projects 3: 13th October update

A little later than usual getting my update up today, but I've only just got home from a lovely weekend away at a friend's wedding.

Buxted Park Hotel

Despite horrendous rain on Friday and today (which led to some truly awful driving conditions - I'll never understand drivers who don't put their lights on when it's raining that badly), the weather held out on Saturday for the wedding itself. The venue was fabulous, and my friend looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful purple dress (made by the wonderful Angrave Designs). Sadly we had to leave early as Jamie developed a migraine, but that did give me an extra few hours in the hotel to work on my latest project!

I've gone a bit baby blanket mad at the minute. There are so many babies arriving in the next few months; while I am not going to get around to making something for all of them, I am trying my best to get as many of them covered as I can!

Anna's blanket is finished (shared on Friday), and I immediately launched into one for Kayleigh, the other pregnant lady in my team at work. I decided to go all out colourful for that one, and have chosen some of my brighter shades of acrylic. The pattern is from Lion Brand (Rav page here) but I am joining as I go rather than making all the squares separately, because it will mean less work to finish it off. I'm on the 8th square out of twenty, so it's going pretty well. Baby is not due till February so I have time to work on this one and don't need to rush.

The third blanket is a simple granny square, started on Friday in the car on the way down to Kent. I have paired up the spare cream from Anna's blanket with some leftover beige yarns from other projects. I've started with the darkest colour and am working out to the cream. Somewhat fortuitously, I ran out of the darkest beige at the end of a round! This one is currently earmarked as a gift for another work colleague, whose wife is due to give birth in November.

There is another November baby in my social circle, so I am currently thinking that once I finish off the granny square, I will dig out some more of my acrylic stash and see what I can throw together for that one as well! The "use up my stash of acrylic and cotton making things for babies and children" part of my list seems to be going well!


  1. Don't drink the water, lol. Seriously it is funny how often one person gets pregnant then pretty soon the whole office staff is. Good luck on all your projects. Glad the wedding went well.

    Sandy's Space

  2. Woo-hoo! All the baby things!

  3. Christine Ramsahoi13 October 2013 at 16:55

    All baby thing is ok for a bit... I just finished my baby sweater set.... I am over it.

  4. The blankets are looking great.

  5. Lovely place for a wedding and lovely projects zooming along! Love your first one you finished too!

  6. These will be terrific gifts.

  7. Minding My Own Stitches14 October 2013 at 14:38

    What a gorgeous setting for a wedding ... just too bad you can't move in and stay year round :) Hope Jamie is feeling better. Mine's upstairs now with a flu bug and a migraine, so I've just dosed him with Benadryl hoping to at least halt the migraine part.

    So sweet of you to make blankets for coworkers. I really like the colourful ones for babies :)

    You can find me here:

  8. Blankets are so much fun! Yours are looking really nice too :)

  9. Beautiful Blanket! I'm having one for my grandson for Christmas.


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