Sunday, 29 June 2014

Year of Projects 3: Round up

We have finally reached the end of the third Year of Projects! I don't know where the last six months have gone. I seriously fell off the wagon a few months ago, and have barely touched the list since then. The last "proper" finish was back in January! That said, I have a substantial list of finishes covering all areas of the list I wrote last year, so despite the last few months I am considering this year a success.

Existing WIPs

Ok, so I didn't finish my beads-and-laceweight epic. Starlight became Chunari, and has languished without a further stitch knit since about April. Peerie Flooers remains sad and unblocked. However, I did finish my Obnoxious Socks, and have vowed to never knit another pair of knee high socks again.

Carried Forward from Last Year

A lot more success in this category! I finally knit my Ishbel shawl, and I love it. I wore it so much over the winter and early spring. Such a cheerful colour. And $5 in Paris was a quick and easy knit once I got started. I loved knitting with the Cascade 220 I bought in San Fransisco, and I loved the pattern so much I have another on the needles already.

The rest of my list

I successfully turned my Cascade Ultra Pima Paints into a hat, and knit several dishcloths from my stash of Lily Sugar'n Creme. Of the four skeins of yarn I set aside for shawls, two have been knit - Wingspan and Dragonfly Wings.

I did fall down on the sock front, as none of the sock yarn I had lined up made it even onto the needles, let alone into finished socks. Must do better this year!

Baby things were more of a success, with three baby blankets for various work colleagues, and a couple of adorable toys for Christmas presents for my friends' children. Including the dinosaur I'd been itching to knit for a long time.

The Ridiculous Never-ending Project of Doom

Well, I made a decent start on the Game of Thrones blanket. Charts all done, and converted to colourful Excel spreadsheets. I've even finished designing the layout and the centre chart! As far as knitting it goes, two and a half out of ten (eleven, counting the centre) charts is not great showing, but intarsia is tricky and requires concentration!

So, 19 finished projects to show, plus two new WIPs. I think that's more than I did in Year 1 or 2! With any luck, I'll stay focused this year and manage even more finishes from my list!

I'll be posting up my new list next week, in the mean time head on over to our Ravelry group if you want to join in the fun with Year Four of the Year of Projects!


  1. I've noticed quite a few people fell off the wagon this year. I'm still 6 months behind everyone but, you know me...I can't do anything by the rules :)

    Falling off the wagon is fine, though, as long as you get back on :)

  2. You have accomplished so much, it doesn't matter about the wagon!! Looking forward to seeing your new list for next year.

  3. I wouldn't worry about the wagon either you managed to accomplish so much, looking forward to seeing next years list.

  4. The nice thing about that YoP wagon, is there are lots of us riding it. We are here to offer words of encouragement as a friendly hand to help get you back on!

  5. Great job this year. It have been so fun to watch your projects. Looking forward to year 4 with you.

  6. Wow! You were really working behind the scenes. Amazing projects and they were not small ones either! I still can't get over the designs you charted...amazing. I'm hoping your luck goes with me next year because I have a lot left over from 1213 still. Thank you for being the moderator all these many years!


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