Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Adventures in Entrelac

As I mentioned on Sunday, I ordered yarn for a new Year of Projects project last week. Well, it arrived yesterday and I was so excited I simply had to cast on straight away.

The yarn is James C Brett Monsoon in a gorgeous purple/green/pink colourway. The pattern is Quant by Star Athena (free at here). I knew the pattern would involve a new technique for me to learn, having not knit entrelac before, but even before I reached the start of the entrelac section I was learning a different new technique - I-cord!

It's surprisingly simple and effective, and it was quick to grow. I was soon into the headscarf proper.

Unfortunately I hit a bit of a stumbling block when I reached the entrelac section. I managed to make the first base triangles ok (although, I do have a question - if a pattern says to slip a stitch but doesn't specify knitwise or purlwise, what should I do?) but had a bit of a brain fail when I got to the next section, and misread the directions for forming the first diamond. I had to rip back.

Lessons learned so far - James C Brett Monsoon does not frog easily! I was going to frog back to the start of the entrelac, but was having such a bad time unravelling my stitches, that I took it all the way back to the I-cord to start again!

It's far too complicated to take to roleplay night, so it's having some quiet time until tomorrow evening, when I'll be able to concentrate properly on it and get the hang of this entrelac thing.


  1. Good luck! I haven't tackled entrelac yet, but I'm sure you'll get it next time.

  2. I usually slip purl-wise unless told otherwise, but I will also check what it looks like when I come back to knit it and turn it round if I think it looks/sits wrong.

  3. alibeecreations8 August 2012 at 22:01

    I love the colours in your yarn.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.  Ali x

  4. That is some delicious yarn!!!  I should have had entrelac on my list of projects for the year, but somehow it didn't make it on there. . .  I may have to add it, and attempt this pattern.  (And I've made note of the frogging issue. . .) :\

    Congrats on getting into ICord.  It's not nearly as awful as it seems. :)

  5. Great pattern and love the yarn too, hope you can figure it out x

  6. aw sorry you haven't had success so far.  Everyone makes it look so easy!  Gorgeous yarn though!

  7. What an interesting way to start entrelac. I'm sure everything will work out once you have more time to sit down and concentrate. Pretty yarn.

  8. I think that yarn is perfect for entrelac!!  Great choice!


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