Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lest we forget

Remembrance Poppies 1

In honour of Remembrance Day this year, I have crocheted another poppy. I made the first two years ago, as I am always losing the paper poppies I buy every year. I also really liked the idea of having one I could wear all of the time, not just in the two weeks leading up to November 11th.

This time, rather than a red poppy, I have used purple yarn. The purple poppy campaign by Animal Aid aims  to remind us that while the human cost of war has been unimaginably high, the animal cost is also huge. Millions of animals have died as a result of human conflict, whether through serving as messengers, beasts of burden or in other roles. Animals are also used in scientific experiments to develop new ways of making war. You can read more about it here.

While the Animal Aid poppy is a different style to the British Legion one, I have decided to make mine using the same pattern as the first.

Pattern: Crochet Poppy by Natalie Thouret Brock
Yarn: Lang Yarns Tissa
Hook: 3.5mm

The only modification I make to this pattern is to not cut the yarn after the first petal is complete; instead, I slip stitch down the side of the petal back to the centre. It came out bigger than the red one, as the Lang Yarns is an aran weight yarn whereas the Patons Linen Touch I used last time is a DK weight.

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  1. Cute poppies. I almost forgot today was the real Veteran's Day. Boy are we lucky to have these men and women who bravely served our countries so we'd be able to enjoy life as we do today.


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