Wednesday, 1 May 2013

New house means new things.

We're still super busy sorting out the last few things in the house, and doing all the last minute preparation for the wedding. Ten days to go! Eeek! I am starting to get very excited about it now. We went up to Northampton last weekend to collect my dress from the shop, and to visit my lovely friend who is making our wedding cupcakes. On the way back, we took advantage and nipped into Ikea in Milton Keynes to buy lots of furniture for the house, as we have so much more space here than we did in the last place.

I finally have an Expedit bookcase!
Jamie needed more space to store all his modelling stuff, so we've now got a small Expedit unit on the end of the computer desk where he will be doing his painting.

Also, how cool is this laptop table? In theory, you put your laptop in the table and close it up when you're not using it. Unfortunately, my laptop only just fits and doesn't leave any room for the charging cable! My laptop's battery life isn't great, so I have mostly been keeping it closed and putting the laptop on top! This does leave me a handy shelf to put things like scissors and knitting needles in though.

Speaking of which, I have picked up my yarn again in the last couple of days. I've had time to relax now that most of the wedding is sorted. I've halted work on my obnoxious knee high socks as I think they will make for excellent plane knitting in two weeks time. I did pull out Mrs Tumnus yesterday but only managed one row before I lost concentration. I realised I needed something a bit more simple, and decided to start on the projects I've been considering ever since we moved in.

We've had this box/stool thing for years. It always seems to just get stuck in a corner somewhere, full of useless stuff we don't need anymore but we can't throw away yet. I have plans to empty it out and use it to store my crafty things next to my sofa. But it's a bit dull.

Time for a makeover! I've replicated the granny square colour scheme from the sofa bed afghan so that they will match should I ever put them in the same room. I reckon one more round and then I'll stop increasing to do the sides. I'm kind of making this up as I go along, so hopefully it will turn out alright!

I also treated myself to a moving in present - six gorgeous balls of Lily Sugar'n Cream. I'm going to knit up some new dishcloths to go with our lovely new kitchen. I think the browns and greens will go really nicely with the decor in there. Plus, dishcloths will be nice simple knitting too, which is what I need right now!

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  1. Glad everything is going so smoothly! 10 days? WOWZERS it's comin' fast around the bend but you're in total control and so organized. Glad you're treatin' yourself to some hookin' in the meanwhile.


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