Sunday, 5 May 2013

Year of Projects Update May 5th

It's been an absolute age since I last did an update for the Year of Projects! Pretty much because I haven't been doing any knitting or crochet since before we moved house several weeks ago, and even when I have, my current WIPs haven't been from my list of stash yarn.

However, I have made something this week which qualifies! As I said earlier in the week I needed simple projects to get me back in the groove.

Meet the newest addition to my 'nest'. This storage box has been haunting my house for years, always shoved in a corner, filled with useless crap. I've emptied it out, and crocheted a cover for it to match the sofa bed afghan I made last year.

I pretty much just winged it after I got to the last row of the afghan motif. I added an extra row of black, then switched back to purple for the sides. The last two rows and the chain that holds it in place I did in brown.

As I said, I was kind of making it up as I went, so the attaching it to the lid part was a bit sloppy, but I figure nobody will see that part really.

I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for, so for now I have put it next to my sofa. I might store my needles in it. Or just fill it full of yarn. Secret yarn...

In other news, we have finally started letting Fidget out without his harness and lead. He's been very good, and although he's been off over the fence exploring the neighbouring gardens, he's not stayed out too long and has come back when called every time. He's getting used to coming and going through the window and not the door, and seems an awful lot happier for it. As it's a long weekend this weekend, I'm taking advantage of the fact that I'm home all day today and tomorrow to leave the window open and just let him come and go when he pleases, as I want him to be completed comfortable before we swan off to get married on Saturday and abandon him for two weeks while we fly to America.


  1. Your able to have a window open without screens so the cat can come and go? Don't you get lots of flies, bees, etc in the window? Then too, I'm wondering if you're get little presents from the cat, like a mouse? Love the cover and think it's a good idea, it perks up the box and makes it artsy and a part of your room. What a great place to store your current projects in, I'm thinking, right there by the sofa. YOP Sunday Post

  2. We will get the occasional fly or bee in the window but it's worth the inconvenience to avoid having to constantly let the cat in and out! Fortunately, Fidget doesn't bring home presents for us - in nearly 8 years we've only had one mouse, and three live birds.

  3. If you're really bothered by the bottom of the cushion, you could take a big piece of felt and staple it to cover the yarn attachments. Just a thought. Personally, I don't think it matters...

  4. Really great project and actually I don't mind the underside at all. But more importantly IT'S NEARLY YOUR WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That seems to be speeding by now - you must be so excited! I haven't been about much lately with so much going on at home, but looking forward to seeing lots of pics in the next few weeks PLEASE!

  5. Don't worry, I will be pic-spamming the blog with wedding and honeymoon for a while! Also, keep an eye on IG because I am sure I will put some pics up on the day itself!

  6. we do the same thing with our cats-- a curtain keeps the majority of bugs out, and they can come and go as they please. Neither of ours are hunters so there aren't any nasty headless surprises... we had a third one that used to bring in lizards. the worst was when I'd only find the body, and not the head (or visa versa).


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