Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Year of Projects 3: 12th November update

Things sure have been quite in my corner of the internet of late. I wish I could say the same for the rest of my life! Work has been crazy busy, and while I intended to write this post at the weekend I was just too damn tired to do anything apart from sit on my sofa and read. I've read the whole of The Southern Vampire Mysteries in the last week. I found if you started the next book right after finishing the previous one they knit together so well it's like you're reading one giant book instead of ten individual novels!

Not to say I haven't been making anything. Just not things off my list. I ought to be frantically making things for the kids for Christmas, but I haven't touched my planned Christmas projects in weeks months. Mostly in the past week I have been knitting tiny Innocent hats, because they don't require any brainpower whatsoever.

I did successfully finish the second baby blanket though, and on Friday I was able to give both finished blankets to their respective new parents.

Baby Blanket Number One

Anna's blanket was oohed and aahed over by my entire department. I'd made a tag to attach to it, based on the free downloads available at Eskimimi Makes. I took her hand-crocheted care instructions label and attached it to one of my own images, of my own creations. I added my blog address to the photo side and hey presto, professional looking tags with full care instructions, complete with a side order of free advertising for my blog. 

Baby Blanket Number Two

Dan's blanket was a lot less complicated, as I'd only started it to have something to crochet in the car on the way to the wedding last month. But I really like how it turned out, in simple neutral shades of brown, beige and cream. Like all granny squares. it came off the hook a little squiffy, so I pinned it out with my blocking wires and gave it a good steam to make it lie straight.

Baby blanket number three is progressing nicely, I only have a few more squares to do. But it's been a bit neglected this last couple of weeks. Still, baby three is not due till early February, so I have plenty of time!

I have also been reminded today about a promise I made to knit a hat that looks like a tomato, for my friend's four year old daughter. I don't have the yarn I need for that at the moment, so I will have to go shopping. Who knows what else might fall in my basket while I am there....


  1. Terrific balnkets. I especially love the star shaped one. The square one is nice as well with good neutrals.

  2. Things always fall into my basket when I'm looking for something specific :)

  3. Nice blankets! I hate when things fall into my basket:)

  4. I love both of your blankets, the color combinations are really pretty on both! Yarn-shopping? Oh what a terrible thing! ;-)


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