Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WIP Wednesday - Ishbel

Since finishing my Obnoxious Socks, I needed to start a new knitting project (as my only other knitting WIP is Starlight, and I'm still not in the mood for lace and beads). Top of my Ravelry queue was Ishbel. I had tried to cast this on ages ago, but with laceweight yarn. It didn't go well, and I gave up almost immediately. This time, however, I was armed with fingering weight yarn and the knowledge that the stitch pattern for the lace section was really easy, having previously knit the Ishbel Beret.

Not only would I be knitting a pattern that I was familiar with, I would also be knitting it in the same yarn as I was given enough of the Knit Picks Capretta to do both the beret and the shawl. The beret used less than one ball out of the three I had.

It's so hard to take a decent photo of a lace shawl when it's all bunched up on the needle! I chose to knit the small size stockinette portion, but have now reached the point where I need to decide whether to do the small or large lace portion. I've got enough yarn left to do the large lace section, as there's another ball after what's left of this one, plus the leftovers from the ball that became the hat. I've scoured the project pages on Ravelry to see what it looks like with the small stockinette and large lace portions and I think I'm inclined to go for it. If the lace was complicated, I might not be, but as this is such a delightfully simple pattern I don't think I'll mind too much having to knit it for longer. The yarn is lovely as well, a gorgeous blend of merino and cashmere that is so soft. And, of course, I am spurred on to finish by the thought of having a matching hat and shawl set!


  1. That beret is perfect on you.

  2. You're going to have a gorgeous set when you're finished. Definitely think doing the larger lace section is the best idea


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