Sunday, 19 January 2014

Year of Projects 3: 19th January update

I've been on a bit of roll for the last few weeks of this Year of Projects, with an FO to share every Sunday! After finishing off Kayleigh's baby blanket, I decided what I really wanted to do was more crochet, and small projects that would give me some quick win finishes. Out came the dishcloth cotton!

There's nothing quite like dishcloths for a quick and easy fix. And crocheted dishcloths even more so, as it's so fast!

These were made with Lily Sugar n Creme in the colourways Mod Ombre and Key Lime Pie. I still have 15g of the green and white ball left, which should be enough for another cloth.

The patterns I used were all free:

The Ships Helm Dishcloth by Lily Sugar n Creme
Diamonds Washcloth by Ivory Soap

The Tunisian Crochet cloth was me experimenting with Tunisian Crochet. I've seen it around on Ravelry and on various other blogs, and thought I ought to give it a try. The tutorials on Kara Gunza's site (Petals to Picots) are really clear and easy to follow. I don't have a Tunisian Crochet hook, so I just used a normal crochet hook. As I only had a small number of stitches, it was just long enough to cope.

I'm not sure I'm going to go any further down the Tunisian Crochet road. I've not really seen any patterns that make me go "wow! I really need to make that", and the patterns I have seen I know I could replicate in knitting or crochet. Plus, if I did want to do anything more involved than a dishcloth, I would need to buy the proper equipment!


  1. Love the round dishcloth! And the diamond one ;)
    I have dishcloths on my to do list this year too. May have to itch that scratch soon ;)

  2. I love the variety of shapes. I really like how cotton crochets up well, giving it that look.

  3. I love the way they look- crochet is something I want to master this year and dishcloths may be my first port of call!

  4. Dishcloths really are perfect when you need a quick fix and to feel like you've accomplished something :) I must try Tunisian someday! It seems easier to do multicolour patterns in Tunisian than in normal single crochet, like pixel art. At least they look neater, to me!

  5. I may have to do some as I need a feel good project after frogging 2 this week! I have a bag pattern I've been wanting to do for several years now but it's tunisian so I have steered clear. I may have to look into that tutorial...thank you! I love your colors and all the different styles you made. What a nice gift they would make. I'm already thinking Christmas.

  6. You are spot on--dishcloths are easy and a great fix when you just need the satisfaction of finishing something quickly. Your colors are marvelous-bright and cheerful..

  7. I never got in to knitting dishcloths for some reason. Yours look lovely, I like the round one on the left.

    I'd like to learn tunisian crochet at some point simply so I can make this amazing blanket:

  8. Love your baby blanket and what a great idea to whip up some dishcloths for fast-satisfaction! They look awesome, great job!


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