Sunday, 16 March 2014

Year of Projects 3: 16th March update

Gosh, I've been quiet lately haven't I! The trouble with only have a few projects on the go, and long term projects at that, is that regular updates on them aren't that exciting. Even the most innovative and exciting blogger is going to struggle to get a decent post out of "I've knit 10 more rows on my shawl, and it looks exactly the same as it did before". In all honesty, I've hardly touched Chunari over the last couple of weeks. Projected finish date is now somewhere in May! I'm weeks behind where I was. Ah well, it's not the end of the world. I don't need it till August anyway!

What I have done, though, is get started on my Game of Thrones blanket. The yarn arrived in July last year, but has been sat in a box ever since. The main thing that was putting me off was that in order to knit my charts, I would have to learn how to knit intarsia. What changed that, was this month's issue of Knit Now. With this month's issue came a fabulous 66 page guide to knitting. The directions for intarsia in it are so clear and easy to understand that I felt like I would have no trouble picking it up, so yesterday morning I decided I would start knitting the Stark chart while I watched the rugby.

It started out pretty well, but by the time I had nine different balls of yarn attached to my knitting, I was starting to get in to a real muddle. Lucky for me I never throw anything away, because once I started thinking about ways to resolve the issue, the perfect solution just leapt out at me.

The egg box stops the balls from rolling around. and make it a lot easier to untwist the yarns after each row. Once I'd got the hang of the technique, I started flying through the chart.

So far, so good! I am quite happy with the way the chart is translating into the knitted work, and even on the reverse side, it looks neat. I had to resort to a little bit of stranded knitting in the middle, as it seemed pointless to add a new ball of yarn for just a couple of stitches.

Based on how this chart is knitting up, I have high hopes for the rest of them. The only question really is, which one do I do next?


  1. I bought that magazine too and was very impressed with the supplement - even felt like I could have a go at steeking!
    The egg box is an inspired idea and the blanket is looking fantastic :-)

  2. still not sure about steeking!

  3. You are really brand just diving into that intarsia pool. Cool how you organized the balls with am egg carton.

  4. Great idea about the egg carton. I've never done it but color work and fair isle is on my list of things to learn...some day. You make it look easy and I know it isn't. LOL! Looks really nice too.


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