Sunday, 30 March 2014

Year of Projects 3: 30th March update

Well, there is no progress to report on anything, really. A mixture of long days at work and being distracted by projects not on the list have meant zero time has been spent working on either Chunari or the Game of Thrones blanket. In fairness, in the last week, I haven't really spent much time on anything, craft wise.

I had hoped that a nice long weekend (I have tomorrow and Tuesday off work, a much needed break) would give me plenty of time to focus on my outstanding projects. Sadly, I woke up ridiculously early yesterday morning with a horrendous sore throat, which has led to a weekend in which I have done nothing but lie on the sofa watching House on DVD, and playing pointless games on my new iPad (I have rediscovered my love for Diner Dash!).

One thing I have done though, is reorganise my hand knits in the hallway. Now these shelves are no longer required in the study (thanks to last week's IKEA trip), I had to find them a new home. Turns out they fit perfectly at the bottom of the stairs! The boxes on the top shelf are for gloves (left) and hats, while chunkier scarves (shop bought and handmade) sit in boxes at the bottom. This leaves me three whole shelves to spread out my shawls and scarves. At the moment they are just neatly folded but I have been trying to think of other ways to store them, so it shows them off a bit more when they are not being worn.

The other thing I have been trying to do is get a handle on is my Ravelry queue. I recently went through it and matched everything I wanted to knit against yarn in my stash. Separately to this, I started working on my list for next year's YoP, as we are now only a few months away from needing a new list. I was starting to lose track of what I was planning!

Now that I'm getting it all in one place it looks rather overwhelming! Good job I am a selfish crafter, and rarely make things for other people or to deadlines!


  1. I must live vicariously through you on selfish knitting! I feel like I am constantly making things for others and rarely have a moment to look at things for me. I just get caught up in loving making things for others... anyone really :)

  2. I think we have a couple of those same shelves in our house. One is in the garage holding garage crap (tools mostly) and the other is in our back room with Husband's beer stuff on it (the carboy, the wort chiller, bottles, etc.). I think we're going to delegate that one to the garage, too, at some point and get something bigger for the back room. We'll see...

  3. Hope you're drinking something herbal for that pesky sore throat. I find 2 tbsp vinegar with honey, lemon juice, and hot water a good remedy. The organized knits look great.

  4. Hope your sore throat is getting better - sometimes there is nothing better than sitting around watching mindless tv!! I love tidying, and the unit looks great. And thinking ahead to next years list is fabulously organised!

  5. Glad I'm not the only one that is thinking of the next YOP while allowing this years YOP's to languish. LOL! Spare shelves? That's qualifies as a miracle doesn't it? I hope you are feeling all better by now and back in the saddle!


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