Monday, 22 August 2011

Happy Monday!

Usually Monday is a gloomy day. The start of the week. Back in work after an excellent weekend. Nothing to look forward to except five long, dull days working before the next excellent weekend.

Not so today! Today has been made of win. Let me take you through all the wonderful things today has brought.

Firstly, I woke to my email from the ACCA confirming I had passed both exams I sat back in June. I am now a fully qualified accountant and I never have to sit another exam again!

Big celebrations here.
Well, there would be, if Jamie were here.

So I started out my day in a really good mood.

But wait, what was that email below my ACCA results? Why, it was from Marie over at Underground Crafter, letting me know I had won one of her week of giveaways! I've never won a giveaway before so I am very excited. My prize is a 2012 crochet pattern calendar featuring several of Marie's designs.
Then I headed into work, and found a message in my Ravelry inbox from Charlotte over at An Accidental Knitter, encouraging me to check out her latest blog post. Turns out, she had been awarded one of those viral blog awards, and had in turn awarded it to me!

So the smile I already had on my face got wider. Imagine how wide it got, when later on in the day again, I was reading through my blogroll and saw that after being awarded the above by Charlotte, Keri over at When Did I Become A Knitter had also awarded it to me!

I was definitely feeling the love.

As a final added bonus to the awesomeness of my day so far, I spotted a link on Peppermint Mocha Mama's twitter feed this afternoon bringing my attention to the fact you could download the Interweave Knits Accessories 2009 e-zine for 10 cents. Yep, ten whole cents. That's seven pence in UK terms at today's exchange rates. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of that?

62 patterns for 10 cents.

Still not convinced? Check out the patterns included on the e-zine's Ravelry page. I've already queued several patterns, including these fingerless mitts (available for download for $5.50!), Koolhaas by Jared Flood ($4.50 to download individually), this lovely Arrowhead shawl (ok, that one's free), these rib and cable socks (only available in an old Interweave magazine from 2005) and these awesome subway mittens ($3.50 for download). So even if I only do those five patterns, that's $13.50 worth of pattern I've bought for ten cents.

I loves me a bargain!

And if all that wasn't enough to make me really smile, the massive outpouring of love I've had from the cat this evening has been the icing on the cake. See, Jamie's already headed down to the site of the LRP event we're at this weekend (all that responsibility of being one of the folks that helps run the game) so it's just me and the cat for a couple of days. Since Jamie is usually working from home, Fidget gets very used to having company during the day. He's really missed his Daddy today, so I'm getting extra cuddles this evening.

Oh, one more thing before I go. I'm off at the event for a week from Wednesday, so I've scheduled a couple of posts for while I'm away (fingers crossed they all work just fine). I'm adding a poll to the sidebar now, but it won't make sense to you till Sunday's Year of Projects post! I'll look forward to reading all of your posts when I get back on Tuesday.


  1. Congrats on passing your exams!!!  Have fun at your event.  Sounds like you had a great day. 

  2. Congratulations! That's brilliant you've passed all your exams and all the other lovely bonuses too!

  3. What a great day! Big congrats on passing the exams, such a big accomplishment.

  4. Alittlebitsheepish23 August 2011 at 08:39

    Congratulations, sounds like possibly the best Monday ever

  5. That's a pretty damn cool Monday ;) Congrats on the exams, bet that was a huge relief!

  6. Congrats on the passing w/flying colors on your exams!
    What a cool prize to win, that calendar.

  7. Well done you! How exciting.... You should have taken yourself off to buy a lottery ticket!


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