Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WIP resurrection

I bet you thought I'd completely abandoned this project, since I've been rather silent on it's progress for some time now.

The last time I showed you a picture, it looked like this:

Has it really been two months since I took this pic?

Now, it looks like this:

Yep, definitely should have hoovered.

Halfway! A new ball of thread! It feels like progress!

Other folks will be sharing more exciting progress reports over at Tami's - go check it out!


  1. Oooers, I'm surprised you didn't use this long-time WIP for the War On WIP meme. I've been participating in that on Thursdays. :)

  2. Wow, loads of progress. It looks so cool (and I had totally forgotten about that one). I'm so impressed with anyone who can make stuff like that, I'm still getting the hang of basic crochet (it does not come naturally to me!)

  3. Looks like it's coming along great!!!

  4. That looks really Nice and intricate.

  5. It's really coming along!  And so beautifully, I really love the graceful shapes.  And am also in awe of you for attempting something so big and detailed.

  6. It looks great.  Pretty soon a finish. 


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