Thursday, 12 April 2012

A brief pause...

Taking a quick break in the madness to pop in and say "I'm still here, honest!". I just noticed I'm up to 100 followers now, so I think it might be time for another giveaway soon - watch this space!

I'm also still getting a lot of traffic from the Government Free VJJ campaign, which is awesome. People aren't just stopping by and smiling at the pattern, either. There are now 43 projects on Ravelry for my Crocheted Uterus pattern, and the campaign seems to be showing no signs of slowing down. I remain amazed that my simple little PDF is playing such a key role in a very important political movement.

Anyway, closer to home, I am manically busy at the moment, between moving house and doing two LARP events two weekends in a row! I've been exhausted all week, and the most crafting I've managed is weaving in the ends on Sophie's gloves, since I felt so guilty about not having them finished in time for last weekend (it was quite cold and damp where we were camping, and I'm sure she'd have appreciated the warm snuggly gloves over the weekend!).

But they're finished now! I wove in the ends at roleplay night last night, and they're going in the bag tonight to take down to Wales to give to her tomorrow. I will try and get a better photo, because they look awesome worn.

I'm picking up the keys for the new house tomorrow; we're so excited! It's a real shame I'm away for the weekend, so we can't take advantage and start moving things across. I'm going to be pretty busy packing and moving in the next week or so, but I'll be back for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week at the end of April!


  1. Hey no worries. You're doing me the favour remember! Getting into nice shiny new house is most important.

    I shall treasure my spare uterus now I know it's the original that started the trend ;)

  2. Busy, busy, busy :) The mitts look lovely.

    I'm so excited for you about the new house! Can't wait to hear all about it once you've moved in :)

  3. You are very busy! Ooooooh keys to the new house, its ashame you can't use the weekend to move...but you will be in soon enough :D

  4.  Congratulations on the new house!  (And the new finished gloves, which are just gorgeous.  Great cables.)  I hope your move goes smoothly, and that you're happily settled in with amazing crafting space soon.

  5. Those are great gloves!  What a terrific purple.
    When you roleplay, do you guys follow a script or just go w/it as long as you're in character?

  6. Those are gorgeous gloves, and I love the colour. And yay for new house keys!

  7. Great gloves, better late than never I say....the weather has been pretty rubbish here today, which makes me wonder why I have put off so called winter projects.

    Hoping the move is going swimmingly!


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