Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday

How is it Easter already? Where is the year going? It seems like only yesterday it was the middle of winter...

As I am off to the first LRP event of the year this weekend, I don't have anything new to share. But, in what is rapidly becoming a time honoured tradition, last night I found myself frantically blocking a finished item to take with me to the event!

When I finished my hooded cowl, I threw it to one side thinking "how the heck am I going to block this?". As the weather forecast is so dismal for the Easter weekend, I decided on Wednesday that actually, I'd quite like to take it with me. So a quick discussion about the logistics of steam blocking the hood was had with Jamie, and last night I set about getting it done.

Nothing is blocked correctly unless a cat is involved
I covered some of my foam letter blocks with a towel (I wasn't sure how the steam would affect them) and started pinning it out. I folded it exactly in half, along the seam of the hood, and stretched it out as far as it would comfortably go. It was quite tricky to ensure the bottom and top were pinned to the same dimensions! A quick steam with the iron, and it was done. I really don't know why I put off blocking my acrylic knits, because it takes hardly any time at all!

I apologise for the terrible photograph, but it's the best I could manage on my own. I trust you can see the difference blocking has made! It drapes so much better now, and the border pattern is more visible. I also stretched out the neck ribbing when I steamed it, so it wouldn't sit so uncomfortably tight around my neck.

The purple ribbon I found in my box of LRP kit, and will go perfectly with the other ribbons I wear in my hair. Hopefully I will get some photos from the event of me wearing it with the rest of my kit.

I'm also quite excited, because this event will be the first true test of my Leafy Fingerless Gloves, which were made specifically with LRP in mind.

I'm hoping they will keep my hands toasty and warm, even in the middle of the night!


  1. I love steam blocking :D  and so true about the kitty, they can't help themselves!

  2. A little bit sheepish6 April 2012 at 18:32

    They look like great additions to your LARP kit.

  3. What great projects that go w/your LRP event.  Have a blast!

  4. Those will be great for LARPing.  Have a great time.

  5. I love those leafy gloves. Well done!

  6. Very nice cowl.  Blocking isn't done right unless it involves a cat or two or three.


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