Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Welcome home.

After a very long couple of weeks, where there was no time to do much packing and yet an entire house which needed to be packed, we are finally installed in our new house! I can’t tell you how pleased I am that the move is over. We had epic amounts of help from our friends, and managed to get pretty much everything across from one house to the other in just one day. It’s been a bit crazy here since, unpacking everything and deciding where it should go. But we’re getting there.

This is the living room, on Friday night after we got here with the first mini van load (we came over on the Friday with the bed and the cat, to make sure he was settled and safe in the bedroom upstairs to be locked in there during the day of the move).

Just some of the many boxes that came over! We’ve been focusing initially on getting the living room sorted, and ferrying as much of the rest of the crap upstairs as we can. Most of those boxes are books and DVDs; emptying those back out onto the shelves made a huge difference to the space we had to work in!

It’s so great to be able to have all the books together on one wall, and to have the space to extend the dining table permanently. The only thing left to do on this side is to hang my gigantic mirror in that space on the red wall.

It feels like home now I’ve got the pictures up. Another sofa will be squeezing in here hopefully, but we can’t work out what we need until we’ve got everything away and can see the space we have left.

You can’t quite see it in this picture, but my yarn shelves are just to the right. A bit further away from my side of the sofa than they were, but so much easier to access and organise!

I'm sure I will re-arrange them several times before I am happy. I need to figure out a sensible way to store all of my needles and hooks - I'm thinking of sewing some sort of case that will hang down the side of the shelves, so they are easy to access (and more importantly, easy to put away - I found so many random DPNs hiding down the back of the sofa and under furniture when we moved everything out!). Anyone got any good suggestions for needle case patterns I can use as inspiration?

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  1. Moving is SUCH a nightmare.  I'm there with you, right now.

    Only probably further behind in the process.  SIGH.

    How close to done are you?


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