Thursday, 27 December 2012

Of Christmas and presents...

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I really enjoyed my two days off work, chilling out at home with Jamie doing nothing but eating, drinking, knitting and gaming. None of that frantic travelling around the country visiting relatives for us! I got so much done, finishing one long standing WIP (details on Sunday....) and making solid progress on another. We also completed Halo...

Christmas wouldn't be complete without presents though, and a very thoughtful Santa got me the perfect knitter's gifts this year:

First up, this fabulous set of weighing scales for the sole purpose of weighing yarn! Jamie had got fed up of me constantly stealing the scales from the kitchen, so decided I needed my own set just for yarn. The scales fit neatly inside the bowl, so it doesn't take up too much space on my shelves either.

My other knitterly gift was this book of nerdy knitting patterns, inspired by various genre films and TV series. Some of the patterns are a little odd, but on my first flick through I found I actually wanted to knit quite a few of them. Here are some of my faves so far:

Trek Girl Dress (inspired of course by Star Trek)
Horrible Gloves (inspired by Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog)
Aim to Misbehave Jacket (inspired by Firefly)
Light of Earendil shrug (inspired by Lord of the Rings)
Mystique (inspired by the X-Men character, apparently)
Big Bang Girl's Sweater vest (inspired by the Big Bang Theory)

I will also of course be knitting myself a Space Princess hat, althoguh I haven't decided which of Leia's hairstyles I will be mimicking with mine. I suspect I will opt for the danish pastry buns.

Given that I will need to buy new yarn for most of these projects, I doubt you'll be seeing many of them come to life on the blog any time soon. Although I am currently eyeing up my purple Fyberspates lace yarn for the Light of Earendil shrug, which is on my Year of Projects lists, so you never know. It might make an appearance soon!

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  1. That is such a fun, geekery knitting book! What a great idea to have created and published.
    Your scale set is fancy! I thought at first it was a nice metal bowl with a stand to store yarn in, LOL!


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