Monday, 3 December 2012

Snappy Happy Monday

We bought Portal 2 last week and have been playing through
the co-operative storyline. Has eaten into my knitting time!

My keys went missing for a week. I really thought I'd lost them,
until Jamie found them hidden in the lining of my handbag!

It became December! Which means I get to see my advent calendar again!
I'll be sharing what gets pulled out of the box each day on Instagram!

I don't normally put the decs up this early, but we are away next weekend.
I'm loving how much space we have for the tree in this house!
Keeping with the Christmas theme, I've been working on my
colourwork Christmas stocking this week.


  1. I love seeing other's Christmas decorations---your tree is lovely and so is your stocking! Have a a super week!

  2. I really think keys need its own built-in GPS. Love how you're so festive. Very cute advent; can't wait to see what you pull out. I'd like to make one one day; for now, we're settling with Trader Joe chocolate ones.


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