Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wednesday sure rolls round fast

Is it just me, or are the weeks flying by at the moment? I can't believe it's almost the end of September!

I've actually done a fair bit of knitting this week, as it has been a welcome distraction from all the revision I am having to do for my exam next week. Wingspan and Dragonfly Wings are both in the basket waiting to be blocked (will get right onto that after the exam is out of the way), which means I've been able to lavish some attention on my poor neglected socks.

I've reached the calf increases, so I really feel like I'm on the home stretch now. I am so glad I am doing these two at a time! I think I would have had a serious case of second sock syndrome if I'd done them individually.

I've also been working on $5 in San Fransisco. After a slow start (I had to cast on multiple times because I can never judge the length of the tail for the long tail cast on), I have reached the first colour change and am increasing for the shoulders.

It's my first knit garment so I'm very excited.


  1. Love it all! I, too, cannot believe that it's almost the end of September. Little Man has been talking about Hallowe'en and he doesn't even really know what it's about. He's so funny. He sees pumpkins and decorations and he says, "Hallowe'en-y" (because that's how I say it). Then he wants to buy everything. ::sigh::

  2. Yes, time can be supersonic fast. How fabulous you have two shawls ready for blocking. The socks are fun and I want to see more of $5!


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