Sunday, 22 September 2013

Year of Projects 3: 22nd September update

Another week, another Year of Projects update! Well, good news to start, as I've cast off Wingspan and it is now sitting in my basket waiting to be blocked. I am reserving judgement so far on if I like it or not, once it's properly finished I will make up my mind.

With that off the needles, I've been working on these this week:

Don't they look so pretty all piled up together! So what are all these projects, lets re-cap.

This is the baby blanket for my work colleague. I ran out of yellow as predicted, and switched to a peach yarn (which looks less pink than these photos would suggest). I think I might run out of peach too before it gets to the size I'm after, so as we don't know the sex of the baby, I might switch to a pale blue to bring it back to gender neutrality. Or a mint green, that might work nicely. Don't think I have a suitable yarn in the stash, so I might have to pop to Hobbycraft and pick something up.

Dragonfly Wings has had a couple more rows added to it since last week, but it's such slow going! I realised a few days ago that the lovely new posh needle I bought to knit Mrs Tumnus was the same size as the cheap bamboo needle I am using for this shawl, so the next row I knit I am going to switch needles. I think using a nicer needle will encourage me to finish this off quicker.

The obnoxious socks are crying out to be finished. It's almost cold enough to switch back to knee high socks under my trousers in the office, and I can't wait to wear these and see what people say! But, I can't wear them until they are done. So I'd better pull my socks up (pun intended) and get some knitting done on these.

Unfortunately, the socks might get pushed to one side for my new project! With Wingspan cast off, that opened up a space in my WIP pile, and I decided it was time to start work on $5 in Paris. Because the skeins are so big, I decided to hand wind the Cascade 220 rather than make a cake. I've gone for the darker blue for the ribbing, and spent ages trying to figure out how many stitches I needed to cast on! The pattern isn't that descriptive on sizing, and I'm still not sure I've got it right. Lots of trying it on as I go I think!


  1. I do like the baby blanket. I think the reason it's looking so pink is because of the yellow so I think you're right that you need to add blue or green to draw it back from "girly" land :)

  2. kim o'sullivan22 September 2013 at 11:24

    Pretty baby blanket, I think adding a little mint will make it even more beautiful..........I knitted socks with the yellow stripe sock yarn and still have a few balls left..........fab kntting progress.

  3. I looked up the $5 in Paris pattern, so cute! It will look great in blues I think :) And I love that baby blanket pattern! Need to get some blankets finished so I can start a new one..

  4. Christine Ramsahoi22 September 2013 at 14:07

    $5 in Paris IS a very cute pattern.... And I am VERY intrigued by the 'obnoxious socks'... Looking forward to seeing them done!

  5. Love the colours you've chosen for $5 in Paris and the blanket is gorgeous, think the mint green would look fab with it. Love the socks and how cool will those be under your trousers. I've already switched over to knee high socks for my boots and they are so warm !

  6. Your striped socks are great. I love bright colored socks in the winter. Seems to make the day brighter and lighter. All your projects are so nice and you are really busy with all of them. I hope changing your needles on the shawl will help you want to work on it more.

  7. What lovely projects! I thought the baby blanket was a tablecloth......hmmm....I could use a tablecloth like that...wouldn't it make a pretty one depending on the yarn? It makes a gorgeous baby blanket! I always love your shawls and the pretty yarns you choose. The socks are!

  8. They do look pretty all lumped together! Congrats on finally getting that shawl off the needles--and regarding Dragonfly Wings, it is all about the needles for me! I am a monogamous needle purchaser --Addi all the way for me. Hoping the needle change makes the project a more fun knit for you. It is definitely cool enough here in Seattle for long socks right now--Fall came in like a lion yesterday and our days of mid 80's has now turned into highs barely reaching 60-my long sleeves are now making an appearance.
    Have a super week!

  9. What beautiful projects! Love the colors you've chosen for the $5 in Paris.

  10. I love the obnoxious socks. I think a change of needles is the way to go for dragonfly wings. And mint green will finish the baby blanket off nicely.

  11. I love the blanket! It''s looking great, and I think I would go for mint green for the edging. And the obnoxious socks look great, I love bright socks!


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