Sunday, 15 September 2013

Year of Projects 3: 15th September update

So, it's been over a month since my last Year of Projects update. I actually had to go check out my Ravelry page to remind myself what I've got going on!

Pretty much all of my outstanding WIPs are from the list! Sadly, my progress on them is nowhere near where I anticipated myself being at this stage in the year.

Peerie Flooers is rapidly approaching a year since I cast off, and I still haven't blocked it and woven in the ends. If I want to wear this hat this winter, I'd better get on to that soon!

Flash of Light, my Dragonfly Wings shawl for the Pick-a-Boo KAL, was sadly neglected and I failed to finish it by the end of the KAL itself. It's currently hiding on a shelf, but I am going to get round to finishing it at some point! I really don't have that much left to do on it, I just need time where I can concentrate, because now I'm in the lace border and I don't want to make a mistake!

My Obnoxious Socks stalled for a while because I misplaced the needle I was using. It has been found now (it was down the sofa cushions) so these socks will become my mindless knitting project again soon.

Starlight was originally intended to be knit and completed by the beginning of October, so I could wear it to my friend's wedding. Sadly, I haven't touched it in ages and there is no way I will have time to get it finished. So I'm putting it on the back burner and will get it finished in time for a wedding next year instead.

Esiotrot just needs a little bit of sewing and stuffing. It's almost done, just the legs and head to go. But as I don't need it finished until Christmas, it can wait for now.

Wingspan is oh so close to being finished! I have completed all of the triangles, and only have a few rows of garter stitch border to go. I'm hoping to get that done today, so I can at least have one FO in September!

The final project on the go is a new one. I started a baby blanket for one of my team, as she is having a baby in December. We don't know what she's having, so I'm using the last of my James C Brett Top Value DK in a lovely pastel yellow, which has already provided two baby blankets, two baby pillows and a hat. I may run out of it before the blanket is the right size, so will have to choose a suitable contrast colour from my stash of acrylics. I've got a lovely peach colour that might work...


  1. That wingspan shawl is just gorgeous :)

  2. Wingspan is looking gorgeous in that green and the baby blanket will be gorgeous with a peach edging to it.

  3. Meh, life got in the way of fibery goodness. It happens. And then you have weirdos like me that want to cast on all the things all the time.

  4. The Wingspan is the colours in your yarn

  5. Oh boy do I love your gorgeous Wingspan! And you silly girl, get that hat finished so you can wear it!!! Winter will be here before we know it and you will be do glad. :)

  6. That color of Wingspan totally suits you. Makes me think of your LARP. The baby blanket looks very nice so far.

  7. I love the colours of the wingspan. I suggest stuffing Esiotrot as soon as possible... otherwise you know what you'll be doing Christmas eve (well I know what I'd be doing.)

  8. Wingspan looks lovely and so close to being a FO. And block peerie flooers and hey presto 2 in quick succession! Then it will be a case of what to CO next:-)

  9. I thought you were the Master Of Ceremonies here? I got married and it is quite an you'll be making for the rest of your life! LOL! Glad to see you back and I LOVE the wingspan and how it's turning out....the color gradation is lovely! Don't feel bad, I think all of us have been enjoying summer and for just started! It's too hot here in the summer but now is MY kind of weather for all my outside chores. I'm doing fun things and smaller projects so that should help. So happy to see you here again!

  10. That Wingspan is beautiful!
    I know about getting busy,,, 'tis my life...

  11. Wingspan is beautiful!

  12. Glad to see you back! Wingspan is looking amazing. And I love the baby blanket, very cute and a perfect unisex blanket.

    And we're your cheering squad for Peerie Floors, you have to get it done! Maybe weave in one end a night?


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