Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Real Progress at last!

I'm on some sort of roll this week. Another project off the needles! This time it's the Ishbel Beret. After all my complaining on Sunday about how difficult this project was being, the rest of it knit like a dream. It practically flew off the needles, eventually getting finished on Monday evening while I had the house to myself.

My Ravelry project page now looks something like this:

Two current WIPs, and five projects in the blocking pile!

Well, five is an over-exaggeration. The pile is actually now three, as I also took advantage of the space on Monday night to get Momijigari on the blocking boards. Ishbel also came straight off the needles and straight into the sink, and is now happily drying out on a dinner plate next to the shawl. I'm hoping to get some nice pics once they're dry to show them off.

I'm torn now, between finishing off those two last WIPs or casting something else on. Karina Westermann released the patterns for Baskerville and Baker Street, so I have downloaded the ebook and am now itching to cast on. I've been watching a lot of Sherlock Holmes lately (both the Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberpatch versions) so I'm properly in the mood for these Holmes-inspired patterns. I'm also keen to knit the Ishbel shawl with the rest of the Knit Picks Capretta, so I have a matching shawl for my new hat. What do you think?


  1. How close to finishing are you with the remaining WIPs? Personally, I'd probably knock them out if they're close to being finished but if you've got a bit left, I'd perhaps start something small (hat, fingerless mitts, etc.) that can give more instant gratification :)

  2. Well done on finishing the beret. I'd perhaps hold off on the shawl to match (its gorgeous and needed to match your beret for sure) until the wip is done, but you could cast on a small project. The Baskerville or Baker Street don't look as if they would take long! Both gorgeous to.

  3. Oh, the dilemma. In my house, the default is to start new things for the excitement - unless the WIPs are really, really close to being done ;)

    Can't wait to see your finished items!

  4. Wow - get you! I had a similar dilemma and decided to finish Nuvem (at last!) before casting on.... but only you can decide!

    (PS Are you going to Unravel this year? I'm going on the Sat - would be lovely to hook up again!)

  5. I'd not thought about Unravel yet... I've got a wedding fayre that weekend too, but as that's on the Sunday I can probably do the Saturday.

  6. You are totally in the FO mode! You go! I really like those Baker Street mitts.


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