Sunday, 20 January 2013

Year of Projects update 20th January

No more finished objects for me this week! I haven't had time to get my Cwtch Shawl on the blocking mats, and they have now been tidied away to make room for wedding invitation preparation, so it's unlikely to happen this week either.

What I have done, is lots of lovely garter stitch in beautiful rainbow colours.

I am almost at the halfway point of my Baktus, and am keen to get on to the decreases so I can start taking it with me everywhere again. I've been chained to my weighing scales with this one as I approach the halfway point, as I want to use as much of the yarn as possible and have to keep weighing to see if I can stretch to another repeat. I think I shall manage the 19 specified in the pattern with ease, but not 20.

I think it will be big enough though, as at 19 repeats it is a decent length and a decent width too. It's so interesting to see the way the colour changes react to the different length rows. I started out with lovely regular striping, before hitting a section of serious colour pooling in the middle.

At first I wasn't sure about it, but now it's gone back to regular striping again I quite like this section of pooling. Hopefully it will be repeated as I reach this width again on the decrease half.

I'm already thinking ahead to what I shall cast on next once this is off the needles. Sarah's sock KAL is making me think of my Candy Skein Yummy Fingering, and whether or not now would be a good time to strike out into a new challenge there. I've knit one pair of plain vanilla socks (cuff down) so far; should I branch out into patterned socks or try plain vanilla toe-up this time around? I have looked on Ravelry for a pattern, but I really don't know. That said, I may not have much time for sock knitting in February, so doubt I'd be able to keep up with the KAL anyway!


  1. Baktus is looking great, I really love the colours, so bright and cheerful. Best of luck with the invitations. I'm debating socks also for the KAL

  2. Wow, I love the way the colours are behaving! The pooling kind of breaks up the stripes a bit. Love it!

  3. Somewhere over the rainbow! What a gorgeous know how I love color and that one has it going on! What will you wear it with? I would love to have to do a whole bunch of garter stitch.....I love it...I could watch t.v. then! LOL! You go girl! Hope all goes smoothly in the wedding prep arena! It won't be long!

  4. mary (nauget bluff)21 January 2013 at 11:57

    It's nice to see an all garter stitch pattern..I enjoy them and will pass this post along to my MIL as she only knit's and refuses to learn anything else.. Have fun working on wedding exciting! BTW..who's the black kitty in your title collage..he/she is beautiful!

  5. Oh my goodness I love all those colors! That is some fantastic yarn! It is working perfectly with your pattern.

  6. Garter stitch never looked so great! I really love the yarn you're using. It's really coming along so nicely.

  7. That is gorgeous, I love the colours!

  8. Cool yarn. It's like a color spectrum!


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