Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Did I show you this hat?

I'm not sure I remembered to post about this hat I knit the other week. After finishing off my replacement Rapunzel mitts I decided I needed a hat to go with them.

The mitts (well, one of them, I don't appear to have got around
to taking a photo of the pair together!)

I had plenty of yarn left over, so did a quick hunt of Ravelry to see what was around in a quick, slouchy hat for chunky yarn. I found this:

It's the Quick Cable Slouch Hat by Azure, and it really is quick. Two evenings work had it finished, even with the addition of an extra repeat of the cable before the decreases (I wanted it really slouchy). I love how pretty the decreases are in the crown, how the cables all seem to converge on the centre.

I have been wearing it almost constantly since casting off, because it is wonderfully warm. The gloves too. They are my new favourite things.


  1. At least someone can get slouchy hats to stay on their head. I have trouble with them as they don't stay on my head very well (I have the same problem with things like ear warmers and those really thin rubber bands that are supposed to go all the way around your head). It's lovely :)


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