Sunday, 29 December 2013

Year of Projects 3: December 29th Update

So here we are, the end of December. Officially halfway through the challenge! I have to say, if I hadn't done a big push over the last few weeks to finish things off, I'd have a lot less finishes to look back on than I do.

Clockwise from top left: Castro, Wingspan, Anna's blanket, Esiotrot
Dan's blanket, Flash of Light, $5 in San Fransisco, Dinosaur

Eight finishes from the list so far this year, which isn't bad going considering how busy I've been. I am also oh so very close to finishing the Obnoxious Socks - I am one cuff away! Am hoping to get that done today and then that's one more finish off the list before the end of 2013. Kayleigh's blanket is also not too far away from being done.

But how does this stack up against the list? Lets have a look.

Existing WIPs

I had a few existing WIPs I wanted to concentrate on this year and get finished. Starlight is still languishing in the depths of my shelves, yet to see the light of day since I last put it down almost a year ago. I just really struggle to find the enthusiasm to knit this. I know the finished shrug will be beautiful. But its beads, and laceweight. I'm just not a fan of laceweight knitting. Peerie Flooers is still waiting to have its ends woven in. I'm just not a fan of doing that either. The socks were the only other carried forward knit, and they are almost done, so at least we have some movement in this category!

Projects carried forward from previous year

These were items I had on my list in year 2, that I still really wanted to knit in year 3. Ishbel is still waiting to be started, although as I don't currently have a shawl on my needles right now, it is looking pretty likely it will be my next cast on. $5 in Paris is done, of course.

The rest of my list

The rest of my list was yarn in my stash that I wanted to use, but hadn't necessarily matched to a pattern. The Cascade Ultra Pima Paints has been turned into a hat, with half the skein remaining for some matching mitts. I may seek out some plain black yarn to pair the remainder with, to make proper mitts instead of half mitts.

The kitchen cotton hasn't really been touched yet, but I am tempted to use this as the antidote to the endless lace-and-beads of Starlight when I get round to knitting that again.

I had earmarked four skeins of fingering weight that was crying out to be turned into shawls. Two of the four have been completed (Wingspan and Flash of Light above), and I have chosen a pattern for definitely one of the remaining two (the Tosh Merino Light I bought in San Fransisco) and I am still debating my pattern choice for the Zauberball.

The socks I haven't started anything yet, mainly because I only want to work on one pair of socks at a time and until the Obnoxious Socks are done, I won't start anything new.

Baby things I think is where I am making the most progress! Two baby blankets done, one almost done, plus a couple of cuddly Christmas presents, means I have done a fair few projects in this category so far this year.

Game of Thrones Blanket

Don't ask me about this! I ordered yarn, I sorted out my charts, but I haven't actually started making it yet. Maybe I will get round to that soon!

Of course, not having a defined list of projects makes it hard to estimate how far through my list I am in percentage terms, but we are halfway through the year and I feel like I'm about halfway through the list, which is ok by me.


  1. Marie/Underground Crafter29 December 2013 at 18:34

    Your finishes are lovely, and if you feel half through the list, then I'm sure you are!

  2. You're doing very well.

  3. I agree with you on laceweight, and then beads as well... I hope you can motivate yourself and finish it, I'm sure you will be super proud! Your finished all look great :)

  4. What a great year you have had. I adore your wingspan and your latest hat---I must be drawn to swirley patterns!
    Happy New Years ---I hope 2014 is full of many good things for you...


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