Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a super day yesterday. Christmas in our house was a little subdued this year, as I have been dying of a horrendous 'flu type lurgy and have not really been in the mood. Christmas Eve was perhaps the worst day for it; I went into work but had to come home at lunchtime as I'd reached the point of being so ill that I was just bursting into tears in meeting rooms. I spent the next 12 hours curled up in a duvet on the sofa with my husband and the cat.

I did feel a little better on Christmas Day itself; well enough to cook and eat an amazing roast dinner, although I did spend a fair amount of time wrapped up my duvet watching Doctor Who (I bought Jamie the box set of all the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant series). The real sign I was feeling better was that in the afternoon, I felt well enough to pick up my knitting again, and finished off a hat I started at the weekend, before I started to feel ill.

The pattern is Odessa and the yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima Paints, which I picked up at Imagiknit in San Fransisco when we were there on our honeymoon. It used less than half the skein, so at some point I may whip up some matching wristwarmers. I just love the way the colours have striped, and spiral around the hat, reflecting the spiralling stitch pattern.

I also love the way the striping changed when I hit the crown decreases.

Santa didn't forget about my hobbies though, there were two pattern books hidden in the Christmas tree for me this year.

Knitted Cats & Kittens was from my husband, chosen because of this pattern which reminded him of our very own Mr Fidget. Knit your own Zoo was a gift from friends, the parents of the lucky youngster who we gave the dinosaur to. There are some truly awesome patterns in it, including a giant anteater and meerkats.

I can't start anything new now though, I really need to crack on and finish all my WIPs!


  1. Booo for sickies :( Little Man seems to have a cold. He's just doing a lot of coughing but he's not running a fever or anything and he says nothing hurts (ears, throat, tummy). This could mess up our cruise so I'm going to haul him to the doctor tomorrow to get it in writing that the only thing wrong with him is a cold and he's cleared to go. ::sigh::

  2. I'm fighting something too. Trying out a sore throat remedy I found on Pinterest. Glad you're feeling better. You got some great knitting books. That yarn knitted up awesomely in that cool pattern. I haven't tried that yet.

  3. the illness has hit our family this week. It started on the 23rd and Christmas morning was the worst of one of my sons--tummy upset, fever and chills--it has hit various members of us as well as a cold a couple of us have picked up! I am so glad you were able to perk up and enjoy part of the holiday and your hat is amazing!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Saw this link on Pinterest of an LARP coat. I read it's bad manners to post a link on a blog so I won't post it but if you're curious, let me know.


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