Friday, 20 December 2013

FO: Wingspan

I finished the knitting on this shawl ages ago. Three months ago, in fact. I didn't get around to blocking it at the time as I was deep in frantic last minute cramming for my exam. Once the exam was done and dusted, I found all manner of excuses for why I hadn't blocked it yet. However, after tidying the house in preparation for Christmas, I didn't really have any more excuses!

The yarn is Jawoll Magic Degrade in the excitingly named colourway 85.0017, which I picked up at Unravel at the start of the year. It is so very similar to Zauberball! I did enjoy the process of knitting this shawl, but I have to say, I am not overly enamoured of the finished project.

I don't know if it's the shape of the finished shawl, or if it's the colours of the yarn and the way they have striped, or the fact that the yarn is a little scratchy for my tastes... or if there isn't actually a sensible reason for why I don't particularly love it. 

It seemed a shame for it to sit unused on my shelves, when it could be being worn and loved by someone who will appreciate it more than I do. So it found its way into my pile of homemade Christmas gifts and with any luck, the person I've chosen to give it to will really love it and wear it a lot.


  1. I think this end result is terrific. It has a medieval flair and dragon feel to it.

  2. You know, I've never really liked this pattern. I've seen dozens (or hundreds) of them and it has just never called out to me. I know they're lovely and I know the work that goes into them...but it's just never caught my eye. I do love the colors of yours, though :)

  3. It's pretty, but the length is a bit wrong to me. To short to make a good shawl - not enough coverage for me. And yet, too long and an awkward shape to make a neck scarf.

    I need to have a go at making a shawl and it'll be on my to do list for next year, but I must finish off a few other projects first!

  4. I love the color but it seems like an awkward size. Too big to be a scarf but too small to be a shawl. I do hope that the recipient loves it!

  5. It looks very nice :) I gave my wingspan to my daughter, it didn't fit very well for me either


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