Friday, 7 February 2014

Warhammer Scenery - Ruined Buildings

As well as painting our Battle Board, we have also recently painted up our selection of Games Workshop terrain pieces. We had one each of the Basilica Administratum, Manufactorum, Sanctum Imperialis and Shrine of the Aquila sets, and had built them pretty much to the template on the front of the box. We'd not painted them for ages, due to not really being able to settle on a colour scheme! Well, fuelled by our success with the board, we decided to get a move on and sort out the buildings, and agreed on an approach to take.

The Basilica Adminstratum
After the seemingly endless job of cleaning off all the mould lines, everything was undercoated in black. The walls were drybrushed quite heavily with a succession of greys (Charadon Granite, Adeptus Battlegrey, Fenris Grey and Astronomicon Grey). All of the gold detailing is done with Vallejo Liquid Gold in Old Gold. Much better coverage than trying to use Citadel metallic paint! All of the skull details on the outside were drybrushed again with Astronomicon Grey.

The Shrine of the Aquila

The floors were painted in one of two ways. The plain metal grate tiles were heavily drybrushed with Macharius Solar Orange, followed by Boltgun Metal, to give us a lovely rusted look. The checked tiles we painted with Mechrite Red and Dheneb Stone. We thought we'd have to do more to it than that, but the finished look with just the basecoat is exactly what we were after! Dheneb Stone was also used to paint the scrolls on the front of the Sanctum Imperialis.

The Sanctum Imperialis

There's still a fair bit of detail unpainted, but for now they are more than good enough for us to use on our painted board. At some point we'll go back over them and pick out all the little details, like the lights inside and out.

Will share the Manufactorum when it is closer to being finished, for now it just has a basic rusty metal thing going on, but none of the details are done yet!

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