Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WIP: Knotty Gloves

When I cast on my latest pair of gloves, I didn't realise I was hitting a milestone. These gloves are the 200th project I have recorded in Ravelry since I joined in 2010. Fair enough, some of those projects are tiny and may have only taken an hour or two to make, whereas others are epic projects taking over a year from start to finish. And eleven of those projects have found their way to the frog pond. Even with that in mind, 200 projects in less than four years.. that's an average of 50 projects a year. Fifty! I'll admit, I'm a little bit impressed with myself.

So here is project number 200 then. It's a pair of Knotty Gloves using Knit Picks Palette in a gorgeous bright red. I decided to use the Palette because I had such success with the leafy fingerless gloves I made a couple of years ago. Plus, you know, bright red gloves. Who wouldn't?

What these gloves are reminding me is that I really get frustrated with the amount of faff involved in knitting actual fingers on gloves. The pattern has full fingers, but I prefer my gloves fingerless so I have bound off each finger after 15 rounds. Just the thumb to finish on the left glove, then it's on to the right. Once these are finished, I will be able to throw away my shop bought gloves that I've worn to death over the last few years and are now falling apart! Then all of my gloves will be handknits. I'm never buying gloves again!


  1. Heyyyy, I know those gloves!! Looks like you had a much easier time with them than I did (though I also cut off the fingers like that, too).

    Oh, and I did mine in bright red, too. They remain one of my favorite projects, even after a couple years. ♥

  2. That cable looks so smart.


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