Friday, 23 September 2011

FO Friday - Jewellery rack tutorial(ish)

Everything I'm working on at the moment is something of a longer-term project. So there won't be a yarny FO for another couple of weeks (so if it's yarny FOs you're after, head over to Tami's to see what the rest of the gang have created!)

But, to fill the gaps, I'm going to try and dig up old finished projects that I can share with you all. Up today is something I made a few years ago as a way of storing my jewellery. I was reminded of it when hunting around on Pinterest for interesting things I spotted this interesting project:

Silverwear trays repurposed as necklace cases
original source here
Mine isn't quite as fancy, but it certainly does the job (and has done for a while now).

Welcome to the corner of my bedroom

I didn't follow a pattern or a tutorial or anything; I pretty much just made it up as I went along, based on the image I had in my head of what I wanted it to do. It was a fairly inexpensive project.

Necklace rack

I took a length of balsa or bass wood (not sure which, it was that long ago) and cut it into lengths. For the earring rack, three lengths of 12 inches. The necklace race is two lengths of 24 inches. The piece of wood I bought is half an inch square in profile.

I measured the distance required between each row by measuring the longest item I wanted to hang (so you can customise it to fit your own jewellery). Having acquired some rather lovely pink thonging from somewhere, I decided to paint the wood to match.

I used Citadel Miniature paints, because that's what I had! In tentacle pink, warlock purple and liche purple. For the earring rack I did one length in each colour; the necklace rack I painted a third in each colour.

The earring rack had holes drilled into the ends to allow the pink thonging through, and I used that to attach the three pieces of wood together. I tied a knot above and below each piece of wood to hold it in place.

Earring rack

For the necklace rack, an inexpensive pack of short tacks provided the hooks to hang the necklaces from.

Oh dear, I think my silver needs a polish

For the earrings, I knew this wouldn't be good enough, so I picked up some packs of screw eyes.

Oops! Maybe I should have cleaned first. Ignore the dust! Focus on the
pretty parrot earrings and feathers instead!
I alternated large and small across the three lengths of wood. The weight of the earrings forces the wood to hang at an angle, but I don't really mind that.

I used some left-over large screw eyes to hang the racks from nails hammered into the wall.

Quick, easy and very handy! Now all I need to do is get back into the habit of actually putting my jewellery away on them when I take it off. Both racks were full to bursting when I first made them, so who knows where all my necklaces are hiding!


  1. That is really creative, I would certainly need somewhere like that as my jewellery is all over the place and half the time I forget what I have!

    I love your choice of colours too!

  2. Hee hee, I have those parrot earrings ;) And I'm also giggling at "tentacle pink" (did you ever play Day of the Tentacle? Bizarre but awesome computer game)

    Love the idea of this, my necklaces are all tangled together in my jewellery box. Now to find some wall space... ;)

  3. I never played Day of the Tentacle, but I did play the original Maniac Mansion!

    I got my parrot earrings in France when I was about 10. The pink ones are mine, the green ones technically belong to my mother....

  4. Very cool!!!  Now I'll know where I need to go to borrow any accessories! ;-D

  5. That is an amazing idea- love it!

  6. cool idea! n u have amazing collection!

  7. What great ideas! You have an amazing collection of jewelry. 

  8. Oh My! Thanks for posting! I've been racking my brain for a way to store my jewelry and thanks to you I now have a way! Have a great weekend! 

  9. What a great way to store your bling!

  10. I love it, it's a great display :D

  11. Love Pinterest! Your rack looks wonderful!

  12. Ooh, I wish I had the wall space for something like this---my jewellery is a mess!  I love the colours you used, it really brightens the whole thing up and makes it part organization-awesomeness and part pretty-wall-art.

  13. Those are BEYOND brilliant!!!!  I know what my next (non-fiber/jewelry related) project is going to be!    Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Quite a neat idea for organizing.

  15. THat is a great jewelry rack.  I  especially like all the earrings laid out together like that.

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