Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Getting back on track...

...albeit very slowly. Most of my WIPs remain slightly abandoned in favour of other things; on more than one occasion this week my crafting time has found me sat at my piano rather than in front of the TV with a hook in my hand.

I had hoped that I would have something more tangible to share on that front, having ordered the rather nifty cable that allows me to connect my piano to my laptop, but I can't currently get the software to work to actually make a recording! I will keep trying though.

I started a new project for the Year of Projects last weekend, the Cherry Wrap. It has been my main focus this week (as you'd expect, what with it being new and exciting and all). So far, I've completed one out of three panels for the main body of the wrap.

Colour is not accurate. It's more red than this.
Having deciphered the pattern, it's moving along quite quickly. But before I cut my yarn and move on to the second pane, I need to double check the measurements and make sure it will end up the right size!

I did knit another four rows on the Easy Lace stole. I know I haven't mentioned it in a while, but it is growing, slowly. I last measured it in July, about a month after first casting on. It was 9.5 inches then.

Today it is 13 inches which, considering I don't really recall doing much to it in August, is quite an achievement! Now my Jane Austen is finished, I think this will reclaim its position as my roleplay night knitting.

I'm off to Alton Towers tomorrow, so I may take it along to knit in the car too.

For more WIPs head on over to Tami's! I would be Yarn-along ing this week, but I left my book in work yesterday and since I'm not back in the office till next week, I'm just going to have to wait. I am mere pages away from finishing Unseen Academicals too!


  1. Great work happenin' from your fingers :O).

  2. Alittlebitsheepish14 September 2011 at 07:31

    Both crafty projects are looking super, sometimes it is good to do other things to though, as soon as you ffel like you HAVE to do something a lot of the fun goes

  3. Oooooo I envy you, multi-talented...your blog name suits you :) 

    Your cherry wrap is looking gorgeous, and I hope it is turning out the right size for you...I really like the colour of the wool!

    I like your stole, even if its growing least its not totally hibernating right?that makes it ok :) 

    Have fun at Alton Towers he he :)

  4. How pretty is your cherry wrap?! I love it! I also really liked the colour for your easy lace stole! Have fun at Alton Towers, very jealous!

  5. Oooh, have fun at Alton Towers (I has a jealous - Air is my favourite rollercoaster ever).

    Loving the way the cherry wrap is looking, lots of progress already too!

  6. Your wrap and stole are coming along beautifully!
    Have fun tomorrow!!

  7. The cherry wrap is beautiful!!

  8. you have fantastic taste is yarn!  lovely!

  9. That is a beautiful wrap.  Love the piano photo - great shot xx

  10. I love the "cherry" color for your Cherry Wrap!  Looks lovely so far.

  11. Both your wraps are very pretty.   

    Duane records his guitar directly through the computer.  If you go to my FB page, he's listed there.  If you send him a PM he might be able to help you.  

  12. Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch15 September 2011 at 10:54

    Your Cherry Wrap is looking gorgeous! 

    And *sigh* you play the piano.... I've always wanted to learn - I love the sound of a piano, it has to be the ultimate instrument . 

  13. Piano playing as well! You do so much.


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