Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Time for another WIP Wednesday/Yarn Along...

Morning all! How is it Wednesday already? This week feels like it's flying by. Wednesday can only mean one thing (well, two things actually!) - time for a WIP Wednesday/Yarn Along post!

Thinking of Me, Forest Lace and my new Pratchett

This week has been all about the knitting. I haven't touched any of the crochet WIPs. Forest Lace came with me to Alton Towers; I knit in the car on the way up to Northampton and on the way to the theme park, but was too tired to knit coming back that evening. As I did the driving to come home the next day, I obviously got no further knitting done on that journey either!

It's 17" long now, and the yarn cake is showing no signs of getting any smaller! I guess that is the wonder of laceweight yarn. I am starting to think that perhaps I won't need my second skein; I haven't weighed my yarn cake again to see if my earlier prediction was on track, but last time I checked I reckoned I could get 50" out of the one skein. I am hoping this will be the case, as then I can use the second skein to knit something else! No idea what though.

Over the last couple of evenings, the Thinking of Me scarf has been my focus. Each row is so much shorter than the Forest Lace (29 stitches as opposed to 73!) and because it's DK not laceweight, it knits up quicker. So Thinking of Me is also now 17" long. I meant to weigh the yarn last night to check how far through my first ball I was, but forgot. I am not quite halfway through the wavy eyelet rib section, so hopefully that wont eat too much into my second (and final) ball. I don't want to run out of yarn halfway through the interlocking heart charts! I am still loving the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, though. Can't wait to use it again on my next Year of Projects crochet project!

Now, the book. I finally finished Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett (I managed to leave my books in work last week, before going on holiday, so wasn't able to read at all over the trip or the weekend). I have to say, barring Monstrous Regiment, I think it was the worst Discworld book I've read so far. I was really afraid that Terry was losing his touch. Perhaps the Alzheimers was getting to him?

I am so pleased to say I have been proved wrong by I Shall Wear Midnight. I love Tiffany Aching as a character, I love the witches in general. And I love the Nac Mac Feegle. I'm only a third or so through the book, but even after the opening chapter I knew this book was so much better than Unseen Academicals. I think perhaps the problem is that the wizards aren't funny enough to be the focus of a book any more.

I see from the front page of the book that there is a further Discworld book on the list, Snuff. It's out next month, and it's a Sam Vimes book. Fingers crossed it's a good one, because I love the Watch books.

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  1. Excellent progress :) I love how fast thicker yarns seem to knit up when you've been working with something fine (although I keep looking at my laceweight and deciding I need quicker gratification!)

  2. Alittlebitsheepish21 September 2011 at 10:00

    I shall wear Midnight was the first Discworld book I read, and I love it. I think you are right that the witches have much better characters, which makes for more enjoyable books. I am in a bit of a dilemma about snuff, do I buy it and read it out of sequence or wait until I have finished the series!
    You have made some great project progress, laceweight yarn does seem to go on forever

  3. If you wait to get Snuff until you've read the rest of them, it will be out in paperback! The Watch books definitely need reading in publication order.

  4. I love your scarves and your making great progress!

  5. Your scarves are great! Isn't it nice to have 2 projects to work on so that you can feel like you're making progress when you need to. 

  6. Such pretty yarn for Forest Lace - how lucky if you have leftover! I read one discworld book and didn't much care for it, but maybe I should try "I Shall Wear Midnight'. Or do you have to read them in order?

  7. I Shall Wear Midnight is the fourth in the Tiffany Aching series within/alongside the main Discworld series. I think, originally, she was aimed at younger readers. You could easily read those four without reading the others.

    The Wee Free Men
    Hat Full of Sky
    I Shall Wear Midnight

    are the four.

  8. I have seven in total. But only two this past week. Think I might have to focus on the crochet this week coming!

  9. Beautiful colors in both projects. Good luck on yardage with the green!

  10. Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch21 September 2011 at 16:10

    Your scarves both look really lovely! Sometimes it's nice to just focus on one or two things to make some progress but I'm also looking forward to your crochet updates :) 

  11. Both your scarves are pretty.  I like Forest Lace the best, as I am partial to the cool color spectrum. 

  12. I love your scarves, especially the red one. I'm really looking forward to Snuff too - the Watch books are my favourites!

  13. I like how you chose such bold colors.

  14. Your scarves are lovely! I've never worked with lace weight yarn I'm scared I would lose focus :) or Debbie Bliss Cashmerino I'm dying to try that though. 


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