Sunday, 20 May 2012

The morning after..

Yesterday we held a joint birthday/housewarming party, rejoicing in our ability to fit more than two extra people in the house before it gets full. You don't get a birthday party without presents, and as my friends know and love me well, there was of course new yarn!

First up, this gorgeous purple skein of Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace. I love Fyberspates; every time I go to the haberdashery in John Lewis I spend a good few minutes in front of the Fyberspates section, stroking the skeins and wishing I could think of a reason to have some. Now I have some, I need to think of what to knit with it! My initial thought is Rock Island by Jared Flood. I saw a purple one knitted in Wollmeise Lace at Unravel earlier in the year (this one, to be precise) and it was gorgeous. Will have to conquer my irritation of knitting with laceweight though! Otherwise, I'll have to find a suitable crochet project for it.

My other yarny gift was these seven balls of Rowan Fine Tweed, bought to accompany the pattern I was gifted on Ravelry yesterday morning - Peerie Flooers. Em knows I want to try my hand at stranded colourwork so got me the perfect challenge! This one is definitely going on my list for the second Year of Projects.

I had quite a few other non-yarny gifts too, all of which were perfectly chosen (for example, the bottle of Hendricks gin). We also received a few joint housewarming gifts, which was totally unexpected and absolutely wonderful.

A new cookbook and a gardening diary

We've already spotted a few things we'd like to try in the cookbook (after all, I haven't done a cookbook challenge in ages!) and the gardening calendar will come in really useful, now I have real garden to do grown up gardening in.

A gorgeous Calla Lily

I'll slip in a brief YoP update at the bottom, just to say that I've finished Hypernova!!! I will hopefully have time to get it blocked this afternoon, so there will be photos once it is done. Once I've got it pinned out, I will start swatching for Eleonora, which is the last major project on the list yet to be touched. Not sure I'll get it finished by the end of June, but I'll give it a go!


  1. Happy Birthday!  And that purple yarn....WOW!  Love the shawl you've selected too, how cool that the pattern picture is even in purple, I think that means something.

  2. Happy belated birthday!  I agree with Sandy, I'm in love with the purple yarn.

  3. Gorgeous yarn, I love to pet fyberspates in john Lewis as well...

  4. Wow, that shawl is gorgeous....I would definitely brave it and go with that.

    Looks like you had some lovely gifts....happy birthday and happy new house.

  5. Jared Flood patterns are just the best!  Love that shawl - MAKE IT!! and the beanie - amazing!!  Look forward to seeing what you end up making :D

  6. First off--Happy Birthday and Happy New House!  I am sure partial to purple yarn and your new skein is gorgeous. No matter what you knit with it, it will be special.

  7. A little bit sheepish21 May 2012 at 08:12

    The scrumptious looks heavenly. Love the rock island pattern, I have that one in my favourites, it would be a great match for your yarn

  8. Lucky you, those are fabulous birthday presents. Rock Island would look so good in that yarn! 

    Can't wait to see you start the colourwork - it's easier than it looks and that's such a gorgeous pattern to use!

  9. I think if you've started your last big project by the end of your Year of Projects then you've been quite successful. Can't wait to see Hypernova!

    I LOVE peerie flooers - can't wait to see yours!

  10. Man, you're good to get to the last project of your list! 
    I'm so happy for you that you got such delicious yarn gifts for your birthday as well as thoughtful housewarming ones.

  11. I am massively jealous right now! My John Lewis does not have a Fyberspates section and it definitely needs one! Those are fantastic presents :) I'm looking forward to seeing Hypernova too!


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