Sunday, 27 May 2012

Year of Projects Update - 27th May

An exciting update today, because not only is Hypernova now finished, but it is blocked, the ends have been woven in and it is ready to wear!

Ironic really, that I have finished it during the hottest week Britain has had so far this year! I don't think I'll have much need for this scarf now until the Autumn.

I don't mind though, because this glorious sunshine makes for some excellent project photos.

When we first saw this house, I looked at the fence in the garden and thought I could totally use that for project photos

Of course, with Hypernova finally off the needles, that means work on Eleonora has begun. I got quite a lot of knitting in yesterday as it was our first weekend off since the end of March.

I've got 4 inches or so left to go before I start the main set of increases to the body section. It's going really quickly. I know I will probably slow down a fair bit when I get to the body and have to start knitting stocking stitch back and forth, instead of in the round, but as I'm enjoying knitting with this yarn so much I doubt it will stagnate like some of my other projects have.

If I get around to it, I will also start blocking out the pieces for the Cherry Wrap today. I'm not sure I have enough foam blocks to do the whole thing in one go though. But it is starting to look possible that I will get my list finished by the end of June!


  1. Hypernova looks amazing! Love the points now that you've blocked them. And oh my goodness, that IS a lot of progress on Eleonora already. Looks to me like you WILL finish in time. Awesome!

  2. Hypernova looks gorgeous! Really beautiful. And I'm having the same problem as you, it's way too hot for handknit socks right now...

  3. Hypernova looks fabulous! I love it :) 

    I'm so glad you're making such gorgeous progress with Eleonora, it looks like it will be stunning :)

  4. Hypernova looks fabalous and well done on getting it complete, the weather does indeed make for some wonderful pictures. Eleonora is looking good, I love the shade of grey your using.

  5. The Hypernova is a beauty! I love the lace and how it flares out at the ends.
    I love your progress on your Elenora. The sleeve cuff looks terrific!

  6. Beautiful projects! Doesn't that sunshine seem a long time ago now...


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