Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Works in Postponement...

Not a lot of progress going on here at the moment. My month of madness continued following the house move, with yet another LRP event!

Showing off my knit and crochet costume bits

The Crochet Lacy Wrap did yet more sterling service keeping my neck warm in the sometimes minus temperatures (it was so cold on Sunday night, there was ice on the tent when we went to bed), my Crochet Can Cosy never leaves my side (mainly because I can't survive an event without copious quantities of Coke, and who wants an ugly, modern can spoiling all the photo opportunities) and it was the third outing for my Leafy Fingerless Gloves, which are still fabulous.

Sadly, I didn't make it through the event without injury. Which explains why my progress on anything is now stalled.

I also have matching neoprene supports on both ankles!
It's just a sprain, but it's bad enough to keep me away from my knitting basket. So all of the WIPs are just sitting forlornly next to the sofa, waiting for me to recover enough to get to work on them again.

I did get some knitting done on Hypernova before I went away, and have reached the stage where I have had to abandon my no longer neat cake of yarn and wind the remainder into a ball.

I am a little concerned I may not have left enough yardage for the final chart, now I've seen just how much I've got left. I am halfway through the chart, so will weigh my remaining ball and see what I've got. I may have to rip back to before I started increasing and take it back a few inches, which scares me a little. But it will be worth doing if it is the difference between finishing or not finishing this scarf, because the more I knit it the more I love it. I know it will get a lot of wear when it's finished! 


  1. I'm sorry to hear you're injured - hope your wrist is better soon.

  2. :O( Sorry you have that sprain. Do keep on babying it.
    When you have kids someday, they will awesome imaginations as you will be such a great role model of how important such things are.

  3. Oh no, poor wrist :( Hope it heals really really quickly!


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