Sunday, 13 May 2012

Year of Projects update 13th May

I had really hoped to be done with Hypernova by now, but it's still on my needles!

I made the tough decision to rip back to a couple of inches below the last chart, as I thought I would run out of yarn before reaching the bind off. I threaded the pink lifeline through, but didn't end up using it as the Wollmeise held up so well to being frogged that it wasn't needed.

I was halfway through the chart. I've knit back about half of that so far. Thirty or so rows to go and I'm done. Lets hope I have enough yarn this time!

Sad to say, I haven't had much time to knit. As I mentioned on Wednesday, I've injured my left wrist so haven't really been up to much knitting this week (although I am pleased to say it is much better this weekend, and normal knitting service should resume this week). Plus, after weeks of rain, this weekend has looked like this:

Spring skies
I just love the colour of the leaves on this tree

How could I resist getting out and enjoying this gorgeous weather?

We've actually been focusing quite a lot on sorting out the house this weekend, with a trip to Ikea yesterday to get a dishwasher (and you have no idea just how happy that magical washing up box makes us) and lots of box emptying and putting things away in the attic going on today. I'd say we were 90% moved in now, which is just awesome.

Our local neighbourhood fox, strolling through my garden

Cheeky squirrel stealing the peanuts


  1. Well the hypernova looks gorgeous, I hope you have enough yarn! And enjoy your new dishwasher, I'm very jealous!

  2. I dream of having a dishwasher! It will be my first purchase when boyfriend and I finally move! 

    Glad the wrist is feeling better - but make sure you take it easy and don't overdo it ;)

  3. I love my dishwasher! Hypernova is gorgeous, I love the yarn. I hope your wrist makes a full recovery soon!

  4. YIKES a fox, that would make me very very uncomfortable.  Pretty toes and shawl, love the colors.  Hope you have enough yarn.  Good to be so close to finished with the move in.

  5. Hypernova is stunning--as is the site of a wild fox running through your yard....yikes!  I am happy for you to be almost all settled into your new place-moving is so time consuming.

  6. Glad to hear your wrist is on the mend. I love that tree!

  7. Love the goin' ons in your backyard. What fun to see. My gosh, a fox?
    Good for you on gettin' your toesies painted. Mine are Chocolate Shakespeare at the moment. I like your gladiator sandals.
    When you insert the lifeline for such a lace project, do you do it where you are currently or after every lace repeat?

  8. I don't often use lifelines, I only put that one in when I realised I had to frog back, so just picked a likely looking row roughly where I needed to rip back to and threaded it through with a yarn needle. It's a relatively simple two row repeat on this pattern, so it wouldn't have mattered where I put it!


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