Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Year of Projects update - 1st May

A couple of days later than planned, but I didn't want to let another week pass by without an update! I was far too busy enjoying lazing about and not house moving or cleaning on Sunday to post! But we are all moved in and (mostly) unpacked now, so normal service is being resumed.

My moving house reward yarn
At the weekend we were out shopping for things for the new house. We ended up in John Lewis, where I couldn't resist the lure of the yarn any longer, and picked up eight balls of Rowan Wool Cotton in a lovely shade of grey for my Eleonora. I can't cast on yet, because I need to swatch on the needles I have which are not quite the right size, before splashing out on some new needles to knit it with.

The reason I can't use those needles yet, is because they are still being used for Hypernova. Once we were done with the move, I managed to find some time to get my knitting out again. It's been weeks since I've properly sat down to knit; I've missed it.

I came up with a cunning plan to ensure I could knit without fretting about how much yarn I had left, and still have enough left for the final chart.

I put the yarn on the scales, and pulled out enough to bring the weight down to approximately what I need for the last chart (I think I need 25g, so I was slightly generous just to be sure). I wound the spare yarn (about 20g) onto a pencil and knit from that until it ran out.

The scarf is now 51" long, and all I need to do is locate my print out of the pattern so I can get started on the increases for the fan. With any luck, I will have this scarf finished in a few days, and free up the needles to swatch for my cardigan! The scarf will get added to my ever growing pile of needs blocking and will eventually be ready in time for... the summer. Hmmm still not quite got this seasonal knitting thing down!


  1. That was clever.  Did the pattern tell you how much you needed for a pattern's chart worth?
    The yarn is yummy!  Love its variegation.  And gosh you're quick!

  2. I weighed my yarn before I started, and weighed it again after I finished the first chart.

  3. First, Congrats on your move! Is moving just not the biggest undertaking?
    Second, I would climb a mountain to have that gray Rowen yarn, and if you knew how much I hated hiking you would understand the importance of that statement.
    Third, I laughed at your scale. I use my kitchen scale all the time and thought I was being oh-so original. :)
    Fourth, I am in love with that beautiful scarf!

  4. genius use of the scales.

  5. Very cunning plan on getting the right amount of yarn left over ;) It's looking so gorgeous, can't wait to see it done.

    I am in love with the grey yarn you bought, but then I'm all about grey yarn at the moment! 

  6. Are we getting a summer this year then???? ☺ I use my kitchen scales too and thought I was being original although to be fair I've never thought of the pencil bit, that's genius and I will have to steal the idea....sorry!

  7. Excellent moving house reward yarn!!!

  8. Look gorgeous, good luck for getting it finished!

  9. Oh Damn....now I have to add Hyernova to next years list.  I love yours!!!!!


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